Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday :)

I've been doing a lot of 'catch up' sewing over the past week.  I blogged about Jolly Little Christmas on Saturday and Release The Kraken on Sunday.

My March Wall is getting a little cramped due to having fallen behind on several projects, but it's pretty to look at and I'm catching up :)

Kraken, Jolly Christmas, Chocolatier, AES, Milky Way

Chocolatier  kept me busy on Monday doing the 6" blocks Eccentric Star and Arrowhead for February and the 6" blocks Louisiana and Framed Plus for March.

Eccentric Star



Framed Cross

Tuesday and today was Aiming For Accuracy.  Lesson 8 was three blocks, Block 15 is 12" using the white background, block 25 is 9" using the white background and block 35 is 7" using the green background.

A4A Block 15

A4A Block 25

A4A Block 35
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  1. Pretty blocks! Can't wait to see the finished products - thanks for sharing!

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