Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Sewing

While the temps were double digit frigid I happily worked away on the March blocks/sections of Release The Kraken.  6 boats in The Armada with 6 sails each = a LOT of HSTs, not my favorite but I plugged away at them, with a tea break or two :)  Trimming HSTs is tedious...

Let the trimming begin...

Ready to press open...

More trimming... dang tips

One more to go :)

I was born a 'polydactyl' ... the extra digit (thumb) was removed when I was a baby, leaving behind an odd shaped thumb that often gets stuck in the smaller scissor handles.  It gets quite tender  just above the joint when I snip snip snip :)

The results of my Sunday Sewing...

The Armada
The Armada and Mermaids (February blocks)

You can check out the other 'Release The Kraken' makers on Instagram #releasethekrakenbom & #quarterinchofquirk

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