Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Where did February go?:

Only two posts this month... so much for getting better with blogging :)  Yesterday was the first time I've sewn all month and it was sooooo nice to finally get stuck in!  For a couple of days I was just too overwhelmed with the amount of sewing I would need to do to get caught up so I shifted folders (out of sight out of mind), unsubscribed from blogs and emails (out of sight out of mind cyberly) and honed down the 'impossible to keep up with' number of BOMs/QALs I was juggling.  There are still quite a few, but the list is much more realistic.

On to what I've been working on... none of the recent WiPs, instead I pulled the Meadow Mystery project bin off my shelf and worked my way thru November and December.  I didn't take it to England with me, and in hind sight I should have and left A4AC behind :)  I must say, it is nice to be back in my larger 'fun room' surrounded by ALL of my pretty fabrics and gadgets and clutter and and and ~~~happy sigh~~~

I grumbled a bit back in August when I cut all of the lovely fabric, up til then I've generally 'cut as I go'. But, with a 4 month lapse, having all those pieces cut and ready (thankfully labeled) to sew into blocks sure made for a pleasant afternoon of sewing.

November Geese and SiSs
December Block One

December Block Three x4
December Block Four x4

Meadow Mystery November and December
Meadow Mystery

Apparently I have the need for ANOTHER obsession, because lately my crochet hooks have been getting a workout and who would have ever thought that CALs are just as plentiful as QALs and there are wonderful Crochet Blogs out there too.  ~~~I'm happy happy happy~~~  I worked on a couple block a weeks CALs while in England, re familiarizing myself with the lingo, which actually confused the bejiggers out of me because English Crochet stitches are different from American Croceht stitches... but I got that sorted.

Last week a lovely CAL, Hygge started, which I purchased a kit for and was thrilled to discover Esther at It's All In A Nutshell  was doing left handed video tutorials each week,  I didn't start until I got home so I'm only half finished week one.  Really enjoying it so far :)  I can crochet in the evenings while watching tv with my sister and her partner... our version of family time ;) Must get hooking, Week 2 started today :)

Linking up with Let's Bee Social #165 at Sew Fresh Quilts and Midweek Makers #60 at Quilt Fabrication.  I hope your obsessions have kept you happy this week :)


  1. Looks like an interesting mystery quilt - can't wait to see the finish! Thanks for sharing

    1. The Mystery was revealed earlier this month, I'm just waaaaay behind ;) I really like the fabrics I'm using, but I think maybe the prints might be a little too subtle for the design. I'm hoping they will stand out a little more when it's all together.

  2. I agree...February just disappeared. Glad you made it back home safely. Good luck catching up.

    1. Thanks Anja. Home just in time for my sister to head off to Cuba for two weeks, I'm sure the time alone will help to get caught up :) As long as the dogs leave me to it ;)


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