Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wednesday Catch Up

 A few mornings spent in my England 'Fun Room' and ta da, some blocks to share :)  I got the first two blocks of 182 Day Solstice Challenge done.  Lovely 12" blocks to get me back in the groove. Just in time for block 3, due to be released today :)
Block 1/25 Churndash

Block 2/25 Dark Into Light

January's Paper Piecing Vintage, The King's Crows, was a bit more of a challenge... not sure if it was the size (I decided to do the 6" version) or rushing too much.  Either way, it's not the prettiest star I've done.
Red being my January Color of the Month, I dug into my red scraps for this one.

The King's Crows

My 'Word for 2017' is Colors.  I used two 'color of the month' colors for each paper pieced letter.  The letter patterns are from Elm Street Quilts' Chunky Alphabet , though I cheated a bit to save having to print too many unused letters and turned a u into an o and an i into an l.  "Colors" is my first finish of 2017 :)

Linking up with Let's Bee Social #158 at Sew Fresh Quilts and Midweek Makers #53 at Quilt Fabrication.

January 4, 2017


  1. Some fun projects! Just love your colors quilt/runner.

    1. Thanks Cathy, it should help to keep me motivated through 2017 :)

  2. Your blocks are great. I love the colours wall hanging. Those letters are awesome.

  3. Thanks Anja. Patty's Chunky Alphabet is a nice set of patterns.

  4. Love your projects! Thanks so much for sharing them on Midweek Makers

    1. Thanks Susan, it's nice to have a place to share :)


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