Monday, March 27, 2017

Meadow Mystery

Meadow Mystery , hosted by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs,  started in August with the last instructions released in February.  I didn't take it with me when I went to England in December so played catch up when I returned home  to get the top finished before the April 5th - 7th Reveal Parade.
There are no center SiaS blocks in mine.  I did them, but in order to trim them to size I would have lost all tips of the inner square.  Not sure where I went wrong and I wasn't going to waste more fabric trying to figure it out so went with a plain square. The center SiaS blocks will be used for a cushion :) My pretty dot fabric doesn't show up in the pictures... nor does the lovely bees and butterflies on one of the reds.  Fabric selection is definitely not a strong skill for me :)
I decided to quilt it in 3 sections and used alternating straight stitch, wavy stitch, using a pale yellow. I was a little nervous about matching the seams of the quilted sections, but the seams that aren't spot on aren't bothering me at all.  It still needs backing and binding, so I'm calling it a 60x60 flimsy+.
Meadow Mystery was shared using #meadowmysteryquilt and on my blog (click the label at the bottom of the post). It was a great quilt along to take part in.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Finish

Dear (Grand) Daughter is done.  I started this journey in March 2016, sewing on both sides of the pond (which meant packing and unpacking my purples) at least twice.  Chapter 12 was released in December, while I was in England, without the previous 11 chapters or fabrics because it had gotten too big to travel and still leave room for clothes, and I saved it to my desktop.  When I returned home to Canada in February I forgot to copy the patterns to my thumb drive, so my Chapter 12 (top left corner of quilt) is made from visual and of course techniques learned during the Quilt Along.
Dear (Grand) Daughter was made for my grand daughter, Penny Lane, who loves purple, dancing, singing, coloring and Disney princesses, but then what 7 year old doesn't :)  No princesses made it into the quilt, but some dancing, singing, coloring and lots of purple.  'Dance' was sewn together incorrectly and I didn't notice until after I quilted it, so it stayed incorrect.  Once in the quilt it doesn't really matter.  Really... it doesn't... ;)  I struggled with what words to use, wanting it to be more personal to Penny.  I felt most words/phrases in the patterns were a bit too old.
It finished at 88" x 60".  I quilted each Chapter (without backing) as I finished it, put the Chapters together and used  two small 'ready made' fleece throws for the back.  Not the best put together quilt, but I'm happy with it :)

Dance as it was supposed to be placed (flower petals surrounded the dancer)

Dance as it was placed :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday Update

Paper Piecing Vintage got pulled up from the bottom of 'maybe later' pile this week.  I got frustrated with Block 3 'Ice Cream Bowl' last month after three attempts and much cussing.  That blocks is still undone and not likely to get revived, there are just too many pieces for a 6" block, in my not so humble opinion.  Block 4 'Rambling Maid' and Block 5 'Our Little House' sewed up nicely and reinstated the PPV Project Bin on my shelf :)

Rambling Maid

Our Little House
While spread out for paper piecing I carried on and did Week 12 for Adventurously Epic.  These blocks are a joy to do, nothing to complicated but lovely results.


I got the rows sewn together (and pinned to the display wall) for Meadow Mystery.  With any luck I'll get the top done in time for the photo parade.

Meadow Mystery

And I got the backing and binding attached to Dear (Grand) Daughter... more about that on Friday (If I remember to post).

Dear Grand Daughter

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday :)

I've been doing a lot of 'catch up' sewing over the past week.  I blogged about Jolly Little Christmas on Saturday and Release The Kraken on Sunday.

My March Wall is getting a little cramped due to having fallen behind on several projects, but it's pretty to look at and I'm catching up :)

Kraken, Jolly Christmas, Chocolatier, AES, Milky Way

Chocolatier  kept me busy on Monday doing the 6" blocks Eccentric Star and Arrowhead for February and the 6" blocks Louisiana and Framed Plus for March.

Eccentric Star



Framed Cross

Tuesday and today was Aiming For Accuracy.  Lesson 8 was three blocks, Block 15 is 12" using the white background, block 25 is 9" using the white background and block 35 is 7" using the green background.

A4A Block 15

A4A Block 25

A4A Block 35
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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Sewing

While the temps were double digit frigid I happily worked away on the March blocks/sections of Release The Kraken.  6 boats in The Armada with 6 sails each = a LOT of HSTs, not my favorite but I plugged away at them, with a tea break or two :)  Trimming HSTs is tedious...

Let the trimming begin...

Ready to press open...

More trimming... dang tips

One more to go :)

I was born a 'polydactyl' ... the extra digit (thumb) was removed when I was a baby, leaving behind an odd shaped thumb that often gets stuck in the smaller scissor handles.  It gets quite tender  just above the joint when I snip snip snip :)

The results of my Sunday Sewing...

The Armada
The Armada and Mermaids (February blocks)

You can check out the other 'Release The Kraken' makers on Instagram #releasethekrakenbom & #quarterinchofquirk

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Sewing

It was nice to spend a day in my 'fun room', that hasn't happened often lately, for one reason or another.  Today I did three blocks for the Have A Jolly Little Christmas QAL, which catches me up with this one ~~~happy dance~~~

I love Lorna's blocks, they are nice and big, great for showing off prints, and they sew up so nicely. Linking up with the Continuous Never Ending Linky Party   scroll to the bottom :)

The Stockings (Socks?) and Mittens were sewn in England, using a small bundle of Fat Quarters, which I didn't bring home with me :)  The rest are from my 'Christmas Bin'

January 14 - Stockings
January 28 - Mittens
February 11 - Christmas Bow
February 25 - Poinsettia
March 11 - Candles

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Where did February go?:

Only two posts this month... so much for getting better with blogging :)  Yesterday was the first time I've sewn all month and it was sooooo nice to finally get stuck in!  For a couple of days I was just too overwhelmed with the amount of sewing I would need to do to get caught up so I shifted folders (out of sight out of mind), unsubscribed from blogs and emails (out of sight out of mind cyberly) and honed down the 'impossible to keep up with' number of BOMs/QALs I was juggling.  There are still quite a few, but the list is much more realistic.

On to what I've been working on... none of the recent WiPs, instead I pulled the Meadow Mystery project bin off my shelf and worked my way thru November and December.  I didn't take it to England with me, and in hind sight I should have and left A4AC behind :)  I must say, it is nice to be back in my larger 'fun room' surrounded by ALL of my pretty fabrics and gadgets and clutter and and and ~~~happy sigh~~~

I grumbled a bit back in August when I cut all of the lovely fabric, up til then I've generally 'cut as I go'. But, with a 4 month lapse, having all those pieces cut and ready (thankfully labeled) to sew into blocks sure made for a pleasant afternoon of sewing.

November Geese and SiSs
December Block One

December Block Three x4
December Block Four x4

Meadow Mystery November and December
Meadow Mystery

Apparently I have the need for ANOTHER obsession, because lately my crochet hooks have been getting a workout and who would have ever thought that CALs are just as plentiful as QALs and there are wonderful Crochet Blogs out there too.  ~~~I'm happy happy happy~~~  I worked on a couple block a weeks CALs while in England, re familiarizing myself with the lingo, which actually confused the bejiggers out of me because English Crochet stitches are different from American Croceht stitches... but I got that sorted.

Last week a lovely CAL, Hygge started, which I purchased a kit for and was thrilled to discover Esther at It's All In A Nutshell  was doing left handed video tutorials each week,  I didn't start until I got home so I'm only half finished week one.  Really enjoying it so far :)  I can crochet in the evenings while watching tv with my sister and her partner... our version of family time ;) Must get hooking, Week 2 started today :)

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mid Week Catch Up

My blogging may be falling short... but my block collection certainly hasn't!  With 12 Quilt Projects and 2 Crochet Projects on the go in January the blocks just kept piling up :)  Packing for home (Canada) will take some sorting, but I'll worry about that later in the month.
I stayed with red for all of my 365 Challenge blocks and managed to get red into several of my other projects.   My total blocks sewn in January = 63 and crocheted in January = 5.  January carry overs = 3, Cookbook Recipe 5 (January 30) ; Adventurously Epic Block 5 (January30) ; Crochet A Block 4 (January 27) all 'weeklies' so I should have them done by Sunday :)

January Blocks

January BOMs

January CALs

January Daily

January Twice Monthly

January Weekly

My February Color has changed from the planned Purple, to Green because I have very few purples on this side of the pond and seem to have quite a few greens.  By the end of February my 365 pile may look Christmassy...
February's 'fun room' agenda will be busy and I likely won't keep up as nicely as I did in January due to a weekend trip to Cambridge, some day trips locally (Bristol, Bath and Frome) and travel home on the 19th.
I added two projects to the list, Kraken (Quilt) and Hygge (Crochet) bringing my total planned WiPs to 16.  I DON'T need any more!!!  Won't stop me from hunting them down though ;) Of the 16, 5 have a fee - Chocolatier, Kraken, Paper Pieced Vintage, Aiming For Accuracy Challenge (one time fee) and Cookbook QAL (purchase of book).  The rest are completely free or free for the month of release.

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Enjoy what your day brings everyone :)