Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BEEing Social...

My little Janome DC3050 got fished out of the loft and set up on Monday and got her first run doing Lesson 4 of the Aiming For Accuracy Challenge I started in October.  A4AC 2016/2017 is a Quilt Along designed and hosted by Michele @ Quilting Gallery that runs from October 2016 - April 2017 with pattern releases on the 7th and 21st of each month.  It's a 'pay for' program so I won't link back to it.  A4AC is a large (92" x 108")  Medallion Quilt with 38 blocks ranging in size and degree of difficulty  and incorporating various piecing techniques and quilt as you go instructions.  There are two background colors, I'm going with off white (Kona Bleach) and green (Kona Sea Foam).  The blocks will be an organized scrappy ;)  I'm using a black and white print and a note book to keep track of which fabrics I've used for which blocks and so far... so good.  Might end up looking like a dogs breakfast but I won't know that until well into it.  Fabric choosing is NOT my strong suit.  I found a bundle of Fat Quarters at Atlantic Fabrics Halifax that I liked and built my palette around that.  This is the only project I packed and brought with me to England.

Lesson 1 =  5 Blocks
Block 2 (12") - Block 23 (9") - Block 26 (9") on Bleach B/G and Block 31 (8") - Block 32 (8") on Sea Foam B/G.  Seeing the picture I realize that I have one of the pinwheels in Block 31 oriented wrong... I may have to fix that, for my own peace of mind ;)

Lesson 2 = 4 Blocks
Block 7 (9") - Block 11 (9") on Bleach B/G  and Block 30 (8") - Block 34 (8") on Sea Foam B/G

Lesson 3 = 3 Blocks
Block 6 (12") - Block 12 (9") - Block 17 (12") on Bleach B/G

Lesson 4 = 3 Blocks, first ones on THIS side of the Pond ;)
Block 9 (9") - Block 20 (9") - Block 24 (9") on Bleach B/G

Linking up with Lorna's Let's Bee Social #153 at Sew Fresh Quilts, take a peek at her Happy Birthday Canada pattern... I love it, can't wait until it's released.

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