Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Middle of the Week, once again :)

Still staying on top of the 100 Days 100 Blocks, they are quick sews so it's usually less than an hour and I've got the daily block cut, sewn and posted on Instagram.  I'm not too concerned about the wonky ones, they square up nice enough when I add the sashing.

Linking up with Quilt Fabrication's Midweek Makers #39, lots of quilty fun happening and being shared in the quilting blog world  :)







I got my autumn table topper pieced and sandwiched, two bags done (a Maker's Tote and a lunch bag) and the top of a cushion pieced, so this past week has been productive :)  My display wall is looking pretty blue :)  I hope you have all been enjoying some quilty time in your fun room.

Display Wall Sept 28
Left - Right = 100 Days 100 Blocks (1 - 31) ; Makers Tote ; Cushion Top; Lunch Bag, 100 Days 100 Blocks (32 - 43) ; Bear Paws; Autumn Table Topper (on the ironing board)

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