Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bags 2 & 3

A month ago I purchased  the pattern 'Maker's Tote' from Noodlehead and I've made 4 of them so far, two large ones, using the flex foam and two small ones.  The first one, large bag 1,  I followed the pattern, even for the zipper pocket which involved cutting the foam and installing the zipper with the welt method. Yuck on that!  The flex foam is just too much work to deal with for zippers and to be honest, with adding the binding.  The separating zipper on the top is nice, it lets the bag open nice and wide.  Installing it was a bit iffy for me, I either rushed or didn't fully understand the instructions. It still makes a good bag for my crochet projects.  The foam makes it's stand up nice, though the gussets are still a little flumpy (no foam and probably not firm enough interfacing) as is the front pocket and inside pockets.

Makers Tote #2 went a little better.  It's smaller and I skipped the zipper pocket.  The foam was still a pita to work with when I applied the binding, but being smaller it was a little easier to maneuver through my machine.  I'm using it for my coloring books/markers/pencils which are a bit heavy so this one doesn't sit nicely.

Maker's Tote #3 I love :)  No foam in this one, I quilted the fabric, including the gusset and it sits up like a charm.  I made this one for Penny Lane's birthday and filled it with craft stuff.

The first three were made before Bag It officially started so aren't counted for ballots in the draw, but I hadn't posted about them yet. Now I have :)

These next two bags get counted for ballots in Bag It :)
Maker's Tote #4 is another big one, using foam.  My sister wanted a carry on for her trip to Cuba in February so got all the makings and I sewed it up this week.  She also wanted the zipper pocket, which I cheated on and made a patch pocket with a zipper.  :)  No agro with this one, maybe I've got the how tos down pat.

And finally, a star wars lunch bag, loosely following Patti's tutorial .  I didn't have the Insul Shine so just opted for a quilted bag.  Mine also has a draw string instead of velcro.  It will work great for Sam's (my sister's b/f) lunch containers.

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Middle of the Week, once again :)

Still staying on top of the 100 Days 100 Blocks, they are quick sews so it's usually less than an hour and I've got the daily block cut, sewn and posted on Instagram.  I'm not too concerned about the wonky ones, they square up nice enough when I add the sashing.

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I got my autumn table topper pieced and sandwiched, two bags done (a Maker's Tote and a lunch bag) and the top of a cushion pieced, so this past week has been productive :)  My display wall is looking pretty blue :)  I hope you have all been enjoying some quilty time in your fun room.

Display Wall Sept 28
Left - Right = 100 Days 100 Blocks (1 - 31) ; Makers Tote ; Cushion Top; Lunch Bag, 100 Days 100 Blocks (32 - 43) ; Bear Paws; Autumn Table Topper (on the ironing board)

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Little Finish and a Bag :)

Block 37 of Tula Pink's City Samplber: 100 Modern Blocks appealed to me yesterday when I made it for 100 Days 100 Blocks so I made another and turned it into a 6" mug rug.  I gifted it to a friend today and it is now on it's way to Ontario :)

Bag It started on Monday and I finished up my first bag this morning.  The Handy Purse Organizer is a free pattern by Caroline Fairbanks-Critchifield and can be found at at Sew Can She.  There are a lot of ads on the blog so the page can take awhile to load, but it's a great little organizer with 13 pockets (6 mesh, 6 fabric and 1 inside zippered pocket) and a roomy middle.  Mine finished at 11 1/2" x 8" x 3" .  My zipper pocket has a hidden zipper, which in hindsight wasn't the best option, it's a bit awkward to unzip, especially when there are things in the organizer.
If you are planning to make a bag or two for Christmas gifts then now is a great time to join in with Elm Street Quilts Bag It, lots of tutorials and chances to win prizes.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Midweek Update :)

As per usual, I have several things on the go and too many waiting to be picked up again... I just can't seem to help myself and want to do EVERYTHING I see or that comes into my noggin ;)  My wall this week is filling up quickly.

September 21
I'm caught up with my BOMs so started a Fall Table topper for my dining room table using 4 - 12" Square in square in square blocks and 5 - 12"  Hattie's Trick blocks (in three combinations), following the tutorial in AnneMarie Chany's Sister Sampler Quilts book, chapter 1.  A lovely block that sewed up nicely.


Hattie's Trick
It was nice to work on bigger blocks after all the 6" blocks I've been making for 100 Days 100 Blocks.  Today's block was the first of the 'Triangle' blocks.

Day 36 Block 36
 Yesterday I finished the 7" Bear Paws blocks for the Mod Bear Paw Quilt Along, hosted by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.  Yikes at all of those  1 1/2" HSTs!  I'm only doing a bed runner, so didn't need as many blocks something I am very thankful for :)

Bear Paws
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Catch Up

Lynette at What A Hoot Quilts is in busy mode so hasn't had BOMs Away for a couple of weeks, which I didn't realize until I had my pictures organized to post/brag about my recent BOM blocks so I'll post them anyway, without a link up.

September's block for the Sugar Club at Stitchery Dickory Dock is To & Fro a fairly quick paper pieced block that turned out wonderfully.  I really like Amy's blocks and I'm so tempted to get her get her book The Quilt Block Cookbook.  It's a bit pricey and with the added shipping to Canada... well, you know how it goes sometimes.  Maybe a digital version will happen.

I blogged about September's block for Maggie's First Dance  here .  You can sign up for the free BOM at Jacquelynne Steves' blog.

The September blocks for Quilt Doodle's BOM 2016 are 5 hats.  A very quick row to put together and too cute.  As per all the other rows, I've sewn mine together with no sashing :)  When I realized there was actually sashing between the blocks and little bitty pinwheels, I had already sewn several rows together.  I knew I wouldn't enjoy those pinwheel blocks so just decided to pass on the sashing :) This month's row is only free until the end of the month, Quilt Doodle's Hat Row.

Day #34 - Block #34 is done and posted :)

I got out for my walk this morning before the much needed rain, and when I got home my Italy Badge, for walking 736 miles (the length of Italy) was waiting for me (virtually of course). According to my Fitbit, I walked 3.28 mi this morning, after 6 hours and 51 minutes of sleep (awake 2x and restless 6x).  I like getting badges :)  And mile marker bells from my Footsteps app.  And vibrations from my Fitbit.   See, my life isn't ALL about quilting ;)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Busy Saturday

Today was day 32 in the #100 Blocks 100 Days Instagram Quilt Along.  So far I've managed to post my blocks on the day, though I don't follow the rules (they seem to change) so I won't be eligible to win any of the prizes.  Not that I was eligible for many anyway, since I'm in Canada.  I still enjoy doing the blocks and like the one a day idea. The book,  100 Modern Quilt Blocks by Tula Pink, is very simple.  Just a picture of the blocks and cutting, the rest is up to the user.

Day 32 Block 32

Most of my Saturday was spent working on Block 4 of Maggie's First Dance BOM.  It doesn't normally take 5 hours to make a block, but when stopping to take and post pictures on Facebook for a virtual 'sew in'  it does ;)   I didn't get it finished before the Sew In ended, but not too long afterwards.

Oops... I forgot to change my needle position and sewed the 2 inch HSTs together with a too big seam.