Monday, August 15, 2016

BOMs Away Monday August 15

The last of my BOMs for August is Shenandoh for the Sugar Block Club hosted by Stichery Dickory Dock.  I liked this block, not sure why particularly, but enough to do a second one for a cushion cover for my sister (I'll share that on Friday).  I'm going to use my Sugar Block Club blocks to make valances for my upstairs windows (hall, fun room and pass thru between the two, which is really just a hole in the wall created to give a little more light in my fun room).

The August Row for Quilt Doodle Designs ROM is 5 Santa Faces.  I went with all different fabrics for the hats and since I had all the previous rows nicely sewn together, I sewed the Santa's together too.  However, after taking a closer look at the picture of the quilt, I now realize that there is sashing meant to be between the blocks... and little windmills/peppermint look alikes.  My finish won't have either ;)  I really should READ more and not just look and sew.  One more Row and the borders for this one, so it should be done for Christmas.  Ha Ha Ha, maybe NEXT Christmas ;)

Linking up with Lynette's BOMs Away at What A Hoot Quilts.  I hope you all have a wonderful 'quilty' week :)


  1. I'm still working on a Sugar Club BoM from a couple of years ago (maybe), although I have enjoyed some of the new block designs. It's always good when you decide a block is good enough to make a duplicate.

    1. I've done a couple of Sugar Club BOMs, I like variety though I'm starting to get bored with a block a month, I think next year I'm going to try doing more QALs (that aren't monthly) and fewer BOMs. But than... I'm a bit of a BOM junkie so who knows ;)


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