Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25 BOMs Away

I am happily caught up with all of my BOMs and QALs.  It took some purging of some, but I still have 6 BOMs and 4 QALs waiting on the next block pattern/instructions to be released.  There are also 2 Charity Quilts I need to finish the blocks for and the Disney Princess Mystery (three blocks a week) that I WANT to work on but KNOW I can't keep up with three paper pieced blocks a week.
This week's shares for What a Hoot's BOMs Away  = Sugar Block Club July's block, Lady Liberty, a paper pieced 12" block.
and Chapter 7 of Dear (Grand) Daughter. 6 blocks, two of which were done at the same time as previous chapters (I really like the sneak peak each month).  Chapter 7 was another shorter chapter, great for the summer months and for those of us who seem to lag behind from time to time.  I decided to embroider the words this month, I will likely fill in the middles with 'something', just not sure what yet.
Lady Liberty
Chapter 7


  1. Awesome! I don't know where you find the time to keep up with all the BOMs and QALs. Do you sleep???

    1. Can anyone sleep in the heat we've been having lately? LOL


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