Monday, July 11, 2016

BOM Catch-Up

I've been working on getting caught up with the BOMs I didn't drag across the pond with me, as well as stepping back and taking a good look at my over crowded calendar of WiPs.  Good grief I am weak when it comes to BOMs and QALs!  I've pared it down some, I had to with two new ones starting up ;)  I was getting bored with HSTs, so the HST Sampler stops at the 12 blocks I've done. In Our Garden was losing it's gloss for me, too much applique, which I really don't enjoy, at all.  I read over the cutting instructions for Summer Solstice a dozen times and decided there were just too many options for sizes, none of which fit for what I wanted to do without a lot of rejigging and math ~~~cringe~~~.  I did pull out my pad and pencil and start figuring/adjusting and then thought it shouldn't be this much work.  Plus, I really don't like cutting up all of my fabrics at once.  I prefer to cut as I go.  Beguiling didn't get started at all.  Nor did Thread Journey.  Aurifil moved to the back burner, too much advertising and link jumping just to get the block tutorial :) They are all still possibles... at a later date... or not, depending on the number of newer 'gotta do that' ones.

The catch up for this past week has been Bonfire.  Two blocks a month for April, May, June and July. I really like the book Sister Sampler Quilts, by AnnMarie Chany and have enjoyed doing the blocks. April, May and June are all string blocks.
Box & Star Frame 1

Box & Star Frame 2
Tulip Lady Fingers 1

Tulip Lady Fingers 2
Friendship Star 1

June Friendship Star 2
July is quilter's choice of any of the blocks in the book.  I chose Rising Star from Chapter 2 Vice Versa, a block I've done a couple of times, once for the original Vice Versa BOM and once for my QOV quilt (which isn't finished yet).

Rising Star 1

Rising Star 2
Linking up with Lynette's BOMs Away at What a Hoot Quilts.  I hope your Monday is full of color and smiles.


  1. Oh, my goodness, Kathy, these are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, I'm really enjoying the bold colors in this one :)

  2. Whoooa - LOVE that reverse of the rising star! That is so neat how it turned out. I'm also super in love with the string blocks. Doesn't a move do wonders in terms of re-evaluating what you want to spend time on? :)

  3. All of the blocks in Vice Versa were done that way, such a great way to show off certain blocks. When I did the Vice Versa Quilt Along I did it in Christmas fabrics (not many solids) and while the blocks were still lovely, not quite as nice as using a good mix of solids and prints.

    Moving fun rooms has made me re evaluate a lot of things. Next time very little will travel with me. I'm moving into a 'work on whats happening now' phase. Maybe I'll even finish some of the projects :) LOL As if ;)


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