Friday, July 29, 2016

TGIFF at What A Hoot Quilts

A small finish to share this Friday.  Tower Bridge was the January block for Quilt Art Designs Wanderlust BOM.  London being one of my favorite cities to visit I HAD to do this one, and sadly it's the only Wanderlust block I've gotten done.   There were a ton of pieces, some of them tiny! Check out the flags... yikes! and hours of work involved in this 21" x 21"  block, but it's done and will live on the closet door in my front hall, once I get the Welcome block done to go with it.  With all the seams and it being a wall hanging I just did a few diagonal lines for quilting.  Pretend that loose thread isn't there ;)
Linking up with Lynette's TGIFF at What A Hoot Quilts, be sure and drop by to see the lovely Graduation quilt Lynette shared today.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Snowflake Shimmer

I'm adding another Quilt Along to my list, Snowflake Shimmer, designed and hosted by Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl.  I spent a fair bit of time at the new Atlantic Fabrics in Halifax picking the fabrics and even piled them on a table and stepped back to help me decide.  Then when I got home I laid them on my ironing board and by the end of the evening I was thinking they two grays were just too close in color.  I posted a pic on Facebook (well more than one actually) and Yvonne was quick to respond and help me decide if they would work.  They are close, but I'm going to stick with them and I'll use quilting/thread to define the snowflakes, if I have to.

Linking up with the 1st Link Up at Quilting Jet Girl :)  I almost forgot to do a blog post, but got it done with a day to spare.  32 Fabric Selection Link Ups already, I think this is going to be a busy Quilt Along :)

Wednesday Again :)

Time to share what we're working on with Midweek Makers #30 at Quilt Fabrication  :)

I got a start on a fill in project over the weekend, a medallion quilt.  I seem to be drawn to them when I'm hunting down projects but this is the first time I've actually started one.  I used a pattern in Today's Quilter, Issue 12, called Cottage To Castle for the center.  My Center Star is a bit off kilter, it should have been 29 1/2" square, but it ain't. :)  That means I'll have to do some quilt math for the next border, which I don't have much luck with. The pattern calls for a hexie border ~~~cringe~~~ I'm going to try and do an hourglass border following instructions in Block 2 of Maggie's 1st Dance, just a little bigger.  Fingers crossed.

 I also worked on an edit for my Chapter 1 of Dear (Grand) Daughter.  The letters on pink hearts just didn't seem to stand out enough so I took that section of the chapter out and  switched it with an embroidered piece.  I like it better.

Maggie's 1st Dance Chapter 1 Original

Maggie's 1st Dance Chapter 1 EDIT

July 27, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25 BOMs Away

I am happily caught up with all of my BOMs and QALs.  It took some purging of some, but I still have 6 BOMs and 4 QALs waiting on the next block pattern/instructions to be released.  There are also 2 Charity Quilts I need to finish the blocks for and the Disney Princess Mystery (three blocks a week) that I WANT to work on but KNOW I can't keep up with three paper pieced blocks a week.
This week's shares for What a Hoot's BOMs Away  = Sugar Block Club July's block, Lady Liberty, a paper pieced 12" block.
and Chapter 7 of Dear (Grand) Daughter. 6 blocks, two of which were done at the same time as previous chapters (I really like the sneak peak each month).  Chapter 7 was another shorter chapter, great for the summer months and for those of us who seem to lag behind from time to time.  I decided to embroider the words this month, I will likely fill in the middles with 'something', just not sure what yet.
Lady Liberty
Chapter 7

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Finishes

This has been a week of finishes for me with Repeat on Monday and Rainbow Rose on Wednesday and a couple I was saving to post today so I can link them up with TGIFF which is being hosted by my wonderful niece Jenn at  A Quarter Inch from the Edge .  Pop on over and check out her sweet little Dory finish :)

The two I had saved for today I'll post next week because this morning I finished Peggy's Cove Lighthouse :)  So pleased to have this one done!  It came home in my Carry On, all of those many many many paper pieces still attached and took a couple of hours to remove while sitting on the back deck and with help from my sister, so not really a chore.

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse was a QAL designed and hosted by Janeen at Quilt Art Designs and makes the third Quilt Along I've completed this year. It finished at 45 1/2 " x 33 1/2" after a fair bit of trimming.  Not perfect by a long shot... that jagged lighthouse top on the reflection makes me cringe and quilting (straight lines, sort of)  was a pita because of all the seams, but this baby is done.  Not sure where it will live... I really don't have a wall big enough upstairs, but I'm sure I'll find a place for it :)

 Linking up with TGIFF at A Quarter Inch from the Edge and Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts.  I hope your week has been a great one!  Enjoy what your weekend brings and don't forget to share some smiles.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mid Week Makers #29

I'm still working away at getting caught up with my BOMs/ROMs/QALs.  This week, besides getting some actual quilting done (4 finishes!) I decided to pull out all of the blocks for Quilt Doodle Designs' 2016 BOM and get them sewn together in their rows.  I had been procrastinating on this because I knew I had those antlers on January's reindeer to sew around.  I don't like applique very much ;)  But I got my head down and my foot on the pedal and got er done :)  Four Rows sewn together, roll on August :)  Top to bottom: April & May Mittens; June & July Wreaths and Socks; Feb & March Trees and Cabins; January Reindeer.  Only the mittens were done in England (I don't have any Christmas prints over there), the rest of the blocks were constructed in Canada.

Linking up with Susan's Mid Week Makers #29 at Quilt Fabrication.  I hope you are all enjoying a lovely week.  The weather here in Nova Scotia has been awesome, warm and sunny with nice breezes to keep the bugs at bay.

Design Wall July 20

Rainbow Rose Finished

Rainbow Rose has been a journey around the color wheel, though I have to admit I kind of took my own trip.  I was using what I had on hand so I'm a little shy on some colors (yellow and pinks for sure) but I've enjoyed quilting along and seeing everyone else's version .  The Quilt Along, hosted by Modern Quilters Ireland ran from June 1 until today (July 20) and has been a relaxed, fun project.  I did all of the piecing in England and the quilting in Canada, using a decorative stitch (hand quilting) on my Brother SQ9120 #45 on either side of the seams.  Rainbow Rose finished at 40" by 40" and will be used to brighten up the dining table.

Linking up with the Rainbow Rose Final Link-Up at Modern Quilters Ireland.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Repeat Finished :)

Repeat, hosted by Patty D at Elm Street Quilts has been so much fun to work on.  The paper pieced letters and star were relaxing to do and the weekly goals were just perfect for me, no pressure to keep caught up and no long waits between goals.  Loved doing this and am so pleased I got it finished, quilting and all!  A huge thank you to Patty for hosting Repeat and for so kindly sending me the last couple of weeks patterns early so I could print them off on the same printer the first weeks were printed off.  It really did save me some headaches as my printer at home prints off larger than the one in England.  ((((Patty))))

Linking up with the Repeat Linky Party at Elm Street Quilts.

Repeat - My Version = Fabrics from my 'England Stash', the letters were constructed in England, the star, final construction and quilting were done in Canada. I used a meandering free motion stitch in most of the negative space, leaving the letters un-quilted.  The border is straight stitching and one line of a decorative stitch (#50 on my Brother SQ9130)  It finished at 32" x 34" and now lives on the wall at the end of my cutting table, on the Canada side of the pond.  I love it!

BOMs Away July 18

Still chugging away on my BOMs.  I finished Chapter 6 of Dear Daughter, opting for paper piecing the word.  I'm really enjoying this BOM and it's nice that the 'chapters' are shorter (fewer units) during the summer months.

Fandom Stitches is doing a Disney Princess Mystery Quilt  and I spent the best part of a day doing 'Belle'. With three blocks (two for the quilt and an alternate) each week. and it's already Week 3, it's doubtful I'll be able to keep up with this one so I'm letting myself do the blocks I like best when time allows. LOL Belle might very well be it... though Esmeralda is stunning (and purple, so would fit in with my Dear (Grand) Daughter quilt) and I really like Snow White.  I am so week when it comes to BOMs and QALs!

Linking up with Lynette's BOMs Away at What a Hoot Quilts. Enjoy what your Monday brings, be happy and share those smiles.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mid Week WiPs

I've been slowly chugging away at this month's Just The Basics geese.  The trimming is doing my head in this month... maybe because of the heat.  Not that I'm complaining ;)  I wish I were half way thru the final trimming... but I'm not ;)  I always seem to struggle with geese and these are definitely not pretty.  I think I've messed up the 4 at a time method because half of them have a little schniblet of raw edge fabric at the center.  I should go back and read but I'm too hot and cranky... Once I get the geese trimmed I'll sew them to the previously sewn geese and this month's units will be done and dusted, schniblets and all.

I've also been working on Repeat.  I got the star finished yesterday and last night I pieced the words and star together.  I just winged the construction because of adding a word and changing a couple, but when the borders are added I think it will be fine ;)  I'm loving how it looks along side my Quilters Star :)  Very scrappy, including the background.

Linking up with Quilt Fabrication's Midweek Makers #28.  I hope you are enjoying your week :)

Monday, July 11, 2016

BOM Catch-Up

I've been working on getting caught up with the BOMs I didn't drag across the pond with me, as well as stepping back and taking a good look at my over crowded calendar of WiPs.  Good grief I am weak when it comes to BOMs and QALs!  I've pared it down some, I had to with two new ones starting up ;)  I was getting bored with HSTs, so the HST Sampler stops at the 12 blocks I've done. In Our Garden was losing it's gloss for me, too much applique, which I really don't enjoy, at all.  I read over the cutting instructions for Summer Solstice a dozen times and decided there were just too many options for sizes, none of which fit for what I wanted to do without a lot of rejigging and math ~~~cringe~~~.  I did pull out my pad and pencil and start figuring/adjusting and then thought it shouldn't be this much work.  Plus, I really don't like cutting up all of my fabrics at once.  I prefer to cut as I go.  Beguiling didn't get started at all.  Nor did Thread Journey.  Aurifil moved to the back burner, too much advertising and link jumping just to get the block tutorial :) They are all still possibles... at a later date... or not, depending on the number of newer 'gotta do that' ones.

The catch up for this past week has been Bonfire.  Two blocks a month for April, May, June and July. I really like the book Sister Sampler Quilts, by AnnMarie Chany and have enjoyed doing the blocks. April, May and June are all string blocks.
Box & Star Frame 1

Box & Star Frame 2
Tulip Lady Fingers 1

Tulip Lady Fingers 2
Friendship Star 1

June Friendship Star 2
July is quilter's choice of any of the blocks in the book.  I chose Rising Star from Chapter 2 Vice Versa, a block I've done a couple of times, once for the original Vice Versa BOM and once for my QOV quilt (which isn't finished yet).

Rising Star 1

Rising Star 2
Linking up with Lynette's BOMs Away at What a Hoot Quilts.  I hope your Monday is full of color and smiles.