Friday, June 3, 2016

Dear (Grand) Daughter

Over the last few days I've been working on Chapter 5 of Dear (Grand) Daughter and this month I actually added a word!   I'll have to add something to the strip piece beside the crayons, maybe embroider 'your world' in bright colors. The crayons were a change up from dresden petal blocks.  I wasn't in the mood to moan my way through templates so decided to paper piece the smaller version of May's block for My Favorite Things... 4 times (2 for this Chapter and 2 for future Chapters).  I also changed the bottom right corner.  It was supposed to be an applique flower (I'm done with applique, it's just not my thing).  I made the star/pinwheel/kinda flower too small (errrrggggg at my shoddy block resizing skills) so added the border.  :)
Chapter 5 = 7 - 6" blocks 2 - 6"x 12" blocks and one 12" x 12" block.
Top = Chapter 5 & Chapter 4
Middle = Chapter 1 & Chapter 2
Bottom = Chapter 3
 I still have lots of stitching to do on the applique blocks... I really should stop procrastinating! And some words to add into those blank blocks, as soon as I decide WHAT words.  And Penny's name needs to be bolder, more like the COLOR block instead of the pink hearts (Chapter 1 top left).  But it's coming along nicely, very scrappy and purple :)

Woo Hoo, BOMs Away at What A Hoot Quilts has returned!  So pleased that Lynette has just been busy busy busy!  Linking up with BOMs Away


  1. I love the colors of the quilt! Looks so pretty. :)

    1. Thank you, I'm trying to use as much purple as I can/have on hand. It's my Grand daughter's favorite color :)

  2. Hey! I really like that border there - looks like a serendipitous mistake to me. :D Thanks so much for the shout out about BOMs Away and the welcome back. That's super sweet. I really love that you're doing this for your granddaughter.

    1. I've missed the BOMs Away, I'm glad to see it and you return to the Bloggy World :) The border is growing on me ;)


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