Friday, June 10, 2016

A Finish and A Start

I had a couple of finishes this week and one almost finished and also added some hopefuls to my ever growing list.  Two of those I got a start on, the others start (or I'll get caught up with) after I'm back in Nova Scotia.  My return flight is July 3, so the next three weeks will be finishing up any loose ends on this side of the pond and packing.  I'm hoping I'll be able to fit all that I want to take home with me into my suitcase and carry on.  It'll be tight for sure, I may have to leave all of my clothes behind.

The Finish = Dreamcatcher, from issue Thirty Two of Love Patchwork and Quilting. (click on the label if you want to read past posts)  It's not perfect, anything with curves, templates and trying to match up small pieces never is with me.  The quilting gave me some grief and I ended up with several wrinkles quilted in... from a distance they look like seams ;)  I still may do some meandering quilting around the hoop and feathers and I need to decide what I will do about the 'string' tying the feathers to the hoop. BUT, it is mostly finished, even bound,  and on the wall.  I love it, wrinkles and all.  It adds a nice pop of color to a really plain room.  I guess it will stay on this side of the Pond :)

The Start = Summer Solstice, a QAL hosted by Happy Quilting and running from June 9 - September 15.  Lots of options regarding size/layouts, multiple sharing options (Flickr, Instagram, Link Ups) and prizes (if your into that). Plus it will be a quick QAL, a break from my normal 12 month BOMs and once a month QALs.
The Introduction and Fabric Requirements were posted yesterday and since I had some Fabric that didn't have a project, thanks to me taking the wrong slip of paper to one of my LQS', my selection was made a little easier.  Wanting to see if my fabrics would work with the pattern I did a Mock up of the pattern in EQ7, scanned my fabrics and played around.   It's great when a project gives me a chance to build on my EQ7 knowledge :)  I'm not 100% sold on the flower background... I might switch it up for something a little quieter.
I'm going to be making 3- 24" Blocks for a Bed Runner and 1- 20" Block for a Cushion.

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