Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Keeping Up - Falling Behind

Keeping up or falling behind doesn't really factor into my quilting adventures.  I'm lucky enough to be able to work on what suits me on any given day or spend time reading/drooling over posts made by others.  The reading/drooling bit can get me side tracked easily though... yesterday morning's read lead me to a picture of a Labyrinth Quilt (posted by a non quilty friend in one of my forums) that sent me on the hunt for a pattern.  I couldn't find a PDF one so booted up Electric Quilt and before I knew it it the day had slipped into evening.

Next up on my side tracking is an awesome 'Dream Catcher' wall hanging in Love Patchwork & Quilting (Issue Thirty Two) which I would love to do BUT the feathers part of the pattern needs to be enlarged by 200% while the dream catcher part of the pattern is full size.  Between scanning it into my computer, getting it into Electric Quilt so I can 'print' it in Cute PDF (which really just saves it as a PDF file) then resizing it in ??? program I'm pretty sure resize will be distorted, making the feathers not fit/play nicely with the rest of the pattern.  I think it will be easier to make my own pattern from scratch...

And then this morning's read lead me to Anja Quilts and One Block Wonders BOM at Upstairs Hobby Room.  How did I miss this BOM?  LOL  Great inspiration for 'Door Quilts', which Lesley at The Cuddle Quilter posted about on Sunday.  I'm regretting buying a desktop for this 'Side of The Pond'... all this computer stuff (reading/designing/resizing) is cutting into my sewing time.  It would be more convenient to be doing it while listening to tv/sports in the evening :)  Sometimes I just don't think things through.

I hope your Wednesday has been a fun one!  Mine will be spent sewing... I'm almost certain.  I have most of my BOM and QAL patterns for May sorted and ready to work on, I just have to stop head designing and get sewing.


  1. It is sooooo very easy to get sidetracked on the post leads to another.... Good luck with the labyrinth.

    1. It certainly is! I'm not sure when or even if I'll get to the sewing stage on the labyrinth, it wasn't really on my radar until Sunday. LOL It was fun playing with EQ7, I haven't done much in the program for a couple of months.


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