Tuesday, May 31, 2016

End of May

The list of projects I haven't kept caught up with is longer than the list of the ones I have.  I was selective with the projects I brought with me to England, knowing this visit was only for 3 months and having limited space in my suitcase.   I'm on track with all of those.
Plus some extras I just HAD to do.  Somehow, I guess I'll be taking more projects home to Canada...  LOL
This weekend I finished the feathers for the Dream Catcher wall hanging. One of the HAD to do projects.  I love them!

Another add on to my list was a paper pieced Butterfly.  It will eventually be a cushion cover for D's mother.  When she saw the Jack Russell cushion cover she wondered if I could make something for her, maybe a butterfly.  She also made sure I knew her favorite color is purple. :)   It's 12" Square dead on (gotta love the accuracy of paper piecing) so will need a border to make it a decent size cushion.

Wanting to add some color to the walls in this little room I worked on a couple of 'me' projects, neither is finished and likely won't be this trip.  In fact, they will probably come home with me :) The 'Spools' was a hair pulling pattern.  I really liked the pattern and paid (more than I wanted to) for it only to be sorely disappointed.  The 'pattern' was a make one yourself ordeal I could have done without, but in the end I guess it worked to my advantage because I think I can tackle making my own from scratch in the future... maybe.   I messed up with the spool ends... some of them are more than a little off kilter, but the star in the middle is prefect :)  I haven't decided if I'll add corners to make it square or leave it the octagon shape.  I think once it's bound it will be lovely and I'm almost certain I won't notice the spool ends.  It's 11 1/2" by 11 1/2" so far.  If I decide to square it up I will likely add a border.

The Sewing Star was a much nicer pattern to follow from LovePatchwork & Quilting Issue Twenty Seven.  It's 24" Square, give or take, sandwiched and ready to quilt.  I'd like to quilt it the same as shown in the magazine... but time will tell if I'll be brave enough to.  My FMQ is shakey at best.

A collage of my May accomplishments :)   Left to right = Butterfly, Peggy's Cove QAL, In Our Garden BOM2, Just The Basics QAL1, Spools, Aurifil BOM, In Our Garden BOM1,  Just The Basics QAL2, Sewing Star, Dear Grand Daughter QAL, My Favorite Things BOM, HST Sampler QAL1, Dream Catcher, Quilt Doodle ROM, Sugar Club BOM, HST2&3
Thank you for dropping by and taking a peak at my brag post.  I hope your day is full of sewing pleasures :)

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