Tuesday, May 31, 2016

End of May

The list of projects I haven't kept caught up with is longer than the list of the ones I have.  I was selective with the projects I brought with me to England, knowing this visit was only for 3 months and having limited space in my suitcase.   I'm on track with all of those.
Plus some extras I just HAD to do.  Somehow, I guess I'll be taking more projects home to Canada...  LOL
This weekend I finished the feathers for the Dream Catcher wall hanging. One of the HAD to do projects.  I love them!

Another add on to my list was a paper pieced Butterfly.  It will eventually be a cushion cover for D's mother.  When she saw the Jack Russell cushion cover she wondered if I could make something for her, maybe a butterfly.  She also made sure I knew her favorite color is purple. :)   It's 12" Square dead on (gotta love the accuracy of paper piecing) so will need a border to make it a decent size cushion.

Wanting to add some color to the walls in this little room I worked on a couple of 'me' projects, neither is finished and likely won't be this trip.  In fact, they will probably come home with me :) The 'Spools' was a hair pulling pattern.  I really liked the pattern and paid (more than I wanted to) for it only to be sorely disappointed.  The 'pattern' was a make one yourself ordeal I could have done without, but in the end I guess it worked to my advantage because I think I can tackle making my own from scratch in the future... maybe.   I messed up with the spool ends... some of them are more than a little off kilter, but the star in the middle is prefect :)  I haven't decided if I'll add corners to make it square or leave it the octagon shape.  I think once it's bound it will be lovely and I'm almost certain I won't notice the spool ends.  It's 11 1/2" by 11 1/2" so far.  If I decide to square it up I will likely add a border.

The Sewing Star was a much nicer pattern to follow from LovePatchwork & Quilting Issue Twenty Seven.  It's 24" Square, give or take, sandwiched and ready to quilt.  I'd like to quilt it the same as shown in the magazine... but time will tell if I'll be brave enough to.  My FMQ is shakey at best.

A collage of my May accomplishments :)   Left to right = Butterfly, Peggy's Cove QAL, In Our Garden BOM2, Just The Basics QAL1, Spools, Aurifil BOM, In Our Garden BOM1,  Just The Basics QAL2, Sewing Star, Dear Grand Daughter QAL, My Favorite Things BOM, HST Sampler QAL1, Dream Catcher, Quilt Doodle ROM, Sugar Club BOM, HST2&3
Thank you for dropping by and taking a peak at my brag post.  I hope your day is full of sewing pleasures :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

My First Art Quilt

Quilt Art Designs' Peggy's Cove Lighthouse QAL started on April 6 and ended today, and wonders never cease, I actually stayed on track and got my version pieced!  This was a completely paper pieced project .  The lettering runs from A - Z, AA - AZ, BA - BZ, CA - CZ and DA - DZ with each lettered piece having anywhere from 1 to 15 pieces.  That's a ton of pieces and seams :)  Except for Week 5, which gave me no end of grief, (that jagged top is still bugging me!) I really enjoyed it.  I don't feel it was really a 'quilt along' as there wasn't much sharing going on, I don't even know if anyone else was actually quilting along as I haven't seen any progress shares other than Janeen's (the host) and only one link up, which I missed ;) I always seemed to be a day out, probably because the host is in South Africa.
My 'shares' were April 19 and May 10 right here on my little blog :)  And I also shared/bragged on Facebook a time or two (or more maybe, I don't really remember). 
The top is 47" by 34 1/2", there are a few eeks and definitely things I would change (even more than I already have done) if I were to do this one again.  But overall, I'm thrilled with this ~~~happy dance~~~
And now for the pictures... there are a few :)

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Back (I'm not looking forward to removing all that paper)

Lighthouse and Reflection


Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Linking up with Quilt Art Designs' Friday Fun Day (a little late as it's Saturday but the linky is still working)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Love Patchwork & Quilting, Issue Thirty Two has a Dream Catcher wall hanging that I love!  It's paper pieced and the feather patterns included in the magazine have to be enlarged to 200 percent, while the dream catcher templates are actual size.  I couldn't get my head around the various programs used so was thrilled to be reminded that the Love Patchwork & Quilting site has the patterns in PDF format and even more thrilled that the feather patterns are actual size!  YAY  Big thanks to Jenn at Quarter Inch from the Edge for that reminder!

Over the weekend I got a start on the feathers.  Lots of small pieces, which is great for scrap busting and all those seams work perfect for giving the feathers wonderful texture.  I thought it would be tedious and cringed a little after all of the paper piecing I've been doing lately, but it was actually quite relaxing.  The smaller sections are easier to work on in my smaller England work area  :)

Red/Pink Feather = 58 pieces over 8 sections
Orange/Yellow Feather = 62 pieces over 6 sections

Friday, May 13, 2016

Just The Basics ~~~May~~~

For Month #3 of 'Just The Basics', hosted by Leanne at Devoted Quilter we are making two blocks, Flying Geese, using the No Waste method and  Square in a Square.  The sewing goes quickly, gotta love chain piecing :)  The trimming, not so quick, but it's a necessary evil so I pushed on ;)
64 Geese and 16 SiSs done and dusted!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Paper Piecing... Again :)

Week 5 of the Peggy's Cove Lighthouse QAL has been a little more frustrating than the previous weeks, starting with printing off the pattern.  For some reason the printer decided to not print them off in landscape TWICE which wasted a good amount of Foundation Paper Piecing paper (both sides, because after the first attempt I flipped the paper over.  Then there were some missing pieces, which Janeen very quickly sorted for me.  Sewing  the lighthouse reflection proved difficult because   I opted to change the colors, which confused me to no end and the results are a lighthouse top that looks spikey.  LOL   I'm not changing it.  I made one change early on and found that changing two small pieces in the middle of a paper pieced unit is NOT fun.  It would easier to do the parts I don't like over completely, and after the hours already put in, that ain't happening either.  I still love it, so roll on Week 6

Week 5

Week 4 + 5

Weeks 1 - 5

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Keeping Up - Falling Behind

Keeping up or falling behind doesn't really factor into my quilting adventures.  I'm lucky enough to be able to work on what suits me on any given day or spend time reading/drooling over posts made by others.  The reading/drooling bit can get me side tracked easily though... yesterday morning's read lead me to a picture of a Labyrinth Quilt (posted by a non quilty friend in one of my forums) that sent me on the hunt for a pattern.  I couldn't find a PDF one so booted up Electric Quilt and before I knew it it the day had slipped into evening.

Next up on my side tracking is an awesome 'Dream Catcher' wall hanging in Love Patchwork & Quilting (Issue Thirty Two) which I would love to do BUT the feathers part of the pattern needs to be enlarged by 200% while the dream catcher part of the pattern is full size.  Between scanning it into my computer, getting it into Electric Quilt so I can 'print' it in Cute PDF (which really just saves it as a PDF file) then resizing it in ??? program I'm pretty sure resize will be distorted, making the feathers not fit/play nicely with the rest of the pattern.  I think it will be easier to make my own pattern from scratch...

And then this morning's read lead me to Anja Quilts and One Block Wonders BOM at Upstairs Hobby Room.  How did I miss this BOM?  LOL  Great inspiration for 'Door Quilts', which Lesley at The Cuddle Quilter posted about on Sunday.  I'm regretting buying a desktop for this 'Side of The Pond'... all this computer stuff (reading/designing/resizing) is cutting into my sewing time.  It would be more convenient to be doing it while listening to tv/sports in the evening :)  Sometimes I just don't think things through.

I hope your Wednesday has been a fun one!  Mine will be spent sewing... I'm almost certain.  I have most of my BOM and QAL patterns for May sorted and ready to work on, I just have to stop head designing and get sewing.