Monday, February 8, 2016

BOMs Away Feb 8

Another Monday recap of my finished blocks :)   I have no projects on the go, just BOMs and QALs... granted, more of those than is needed but it's what I like to do.  I get variety and can finish a block up in a sitting so it works for me.  I'm mostly using what I have on hand, with the odd trip out for a nose around the fat quarter section so all of my finishes (when/if I get to the end of the BOMs/QALs) will be scrappy... or interchangeable.

First up, February's block for the Sugar Block Club hosted by Amy Gibson at Stichery Dickory Dock. A free BOM, with the option to upgrade for extras.  I'm sticking with the Free :)  This month's block is a 12" Log Cabin style, simple and quick.

Next is 'Flip Flop' for Sew Incredibly Crazy's In Our Garden Blog Hop.  It's one of two blocks for January, the second one being an applique block which I'm not sure I'll do.  Both blocks are Free during the month of February.  Another 12" block, simple and quick.

Pat Sloan's My Secret Garden is a sweet 16" block.  A little more fiddly with the number of small squares, but my 1/4" seam is getting better so my points are pretty good in this one.  Another Free BOM, a bit of a pita wading thru all the ads and the dual colorway instructions, but worth it once you get at it.

The last BOM for this recap is Quilt Doodle's 2016 BOM, another Free for the Month design, but smaller blocks and a  whole lot of frustration for me.  I don't like working with 1 1/2" squares!  It would have been easier to go the checkerboard route but I went for scrappy.  Took me the best part of a day to cut and sew those little beggars together and a couple of close calls with the iron.  Way too many seams for the blocks to lay flat, but they are cute!

Linking up with Lynette's What A Hoot Quilts BOMs Away.  I hope you are all enjoying your Monday, we're waiting on a Blizzard in Nova Scotia.  With the windchill already at -13 I'm thinking it's going to be nastier as the day wears on.


  1. always seem to find great BOM's. These are great blocks

    1. I like variety, and since most are free there is no obligation to finish them or do all of the blocks :smile: I've worked through all of the pieced blocks for this month... now to do the paper pieced ones. I kinda wish I had mixed them up a bit better...

  2. Oh, but those trees are AWESOME, Kathy :D I love that you're making your various blocks interchangeable. That'll be fun to play with them down the road.

    1. Thanks Lynette :) If I stick with all of the BOMs and QALs I have on the go at the moment I should have quite a pile of blocks come December LOL


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