Friday, February 26, 2016


One finish, two link ups :)  My OMG February Goal, link #72 in the Goal Setting Party was to finish Drunkard's Wife, and it being Friday I wanted to get it done today.  I started with the cushion cover and nearly pulled my hair out!  My little brother sewing machine has been acting up lately and after a few lines of quilting I knew I had to do something. Sooooooo, off came all of the plates and in I went with tweezers, a long pin and a small paint brush.  Shocking how clogged up the feed dogs were!  LOL No wonder they weren't grabbing the fabric.  It's working like a charm now and much quieter.
I went with straight line, sort of, quilting, unevenly spaced by design and accident.  When I set the goal I wasn't sure if I was going to make a cushion and runner or a small lap size 'travel' quilt.  I went with the cushion and runner :)  I have something else in mind for the travel quilt and it won't be done before my next trip across the pond.
The Drunkard's Wife QAL was hosted by Falice Regina at Sew Sceatterbrained.  It was a weekly Quilt Along starting on November 2, 2015 and finishing on January 25, 2016.  It was a fun QAL that gave me lots of laughs.  I blogged about it several times over the past few weeks so I won't repost any of my previous pictures.



In Place
Linking up with the February Finish Part at OMG at Red Letter Quilts  and also with TGIFF being hosted at Lisa In Port Hope.  I hope your Friday has been a great one so far!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday Link Up

Getting a good start on the quilts for charity I've got on my agenda.  I have 10 blocks done for the Quilts of Valor quilt and 40 Square in Square blocks done for a Maritime Modern Quilt Guild request of blocks/quilts/donations for our yearly gift/donation.  This year we will be doing quilts for the local children/women's hospital, IWK.

EQ7 Layout

Block Fab Fox & Geese (I think it looks like butterflies)

HST BOM - Stepping Stone

Block Fab Friendship Star

Sister Sampler Rising Star

Block Fab Maple Leaf

Chain Piecing

40 SiS Blocks

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Friday, February 19, 2016

A (Saved For) Friday Finish

Usually I'm tripping all over myself to get to the computer and blog/brag about a finish, but this one I saved for the Friday link ups :)  I did mention it on Wednesday, but that was then this is now.  Janeen at Quilt Art Designs has some of the sweetest paper pieced patterns I've seen and offers some really nice free (for the month) BOMs as well as reasonably priced PDF Quarterly Magazines chock a block full of patterns.  This Jack Russel is one of hers and I love him.  I'm not going to buy the other one I saw in her Dog patterns though... I'm almost sure I'm not!  LOL
If you've followed along with me on this blogging gig, you'll know I struggle with paper piecing.  It's not a natural for me and does my head in sometimes.  I've watched videos, followed along with them step by step, taken an online class (couldn't get one of the patterns right so didn't finish it) and did the start/quit hamster wheel routine but finally, I think it is starting to stick with me.
I did still mess up a couple of times with 'Ben' (the name of Diane's  Jack Russel, for which this pillow was made) in a couple of places, I'm not sure if I used the wrong color in a couple of places or it it's an issue with lining up my seams.  Some of those seams can get rather bulky.  But he's finished and ready to be packed for my next trip across the pond.  Minus the cushion form, that's been purchased and waiting on the other side.  I went straight line quilting on the border and put a hidden zipper on the back following Made By Chrissie D's tutorial.

Two Friday Link Ups this week Quilt Art Designs, where you can see Jannen's progress on her Woodland's Quilt and TGIFF at Sunlight In Winter Quilts  where Lisa J is sharing her Quilt Planner cover.  I hope you all enjoy your Friday, stay warm, be safe and share share share :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Let's Bee Social #112

As usual, lots going on in my fun room.  Being mostly caught up with this month's BOM blocks I've been chugging away on my February OMG goal.  My goal post was #72 in the Red Letter Quilts February link up and the goal is to finish Drunkard's Wife.  I decided to go with a bed runner and long cushion and have gotten along really well so far.  The blocks are all sashed together and I'm ready to sandwich and quilt.  At this rate, I should be able to meet my goal :)

While reading on the blogs last week I found a pattern for a Jack Russel Terrier block and knew right away I wanted to make one, and for who, so while I was all set up for paper piecing I just continued along.  D's sister has a rescued Jack Russel named Ben and with one little tweak (a brown spot on his back) Janeen's pattern was perfect.  Some work in progress shots,  I'll post the finish pictures on Friday

On Thursday I saw an interview with a fellow member of MMQG. Lesley from The Cuddle Quilter, on our local news and was reminded of Quilts of Valor.  I had purchased some 'Oh Canada' fabric in the Fall with the intention of making a QOV but because I hadn't heard back from the NS rep I slipped it to the bottom of the pile.  Seeing Lesley's interview sparked my interest again so I put together a design, following one in AnneMarie Chany's book 'Sister Sampler Quilts'.  I'm using a mix of designs from the book and from the Block Fab program on my iPad.  I even got two blocks done :)

My display wall so far this month :)

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Paper Piecing

Over the past week I've been working on my Paper Piecing BOMs. Quilt Art Design's Beginner's BOM 2016 has two blocks this month.  No link ups or 'share' places for this one and the patterns are free for the Month released only. I enjoy these blocks, they are mostly straight lines and only a few pieces so not as mind boggling.  I still struggle with the patterns being backwards, I think because I'm a  visual learner. After finishing February's blocks I decided to re do January's.  I had glued the pattern pieces together wrong last month so my center seams didn't match up.  The re do was much better EXCEPT I must have changed a setting on my printer, so either January's pattern is the wrong size or February's are.  There are sooooooo many things that can quickly go awry with paper piecing ~~~sigh~~~

January Re Do

My Favorite Things BOM February block is Buttons.  A few more pieces than QAD's blocks but not particularly difficult, once I sorted out the size to print the pattern.  I had it all printed and the pieces glued together earlier in the month then when I set up to do the block I realized the block wouldn't be the same size as my January block so had to reprint the pieces.  I'm glad I sorted it out BEFORE doing the block.  The blocks for this BOM are free for the day of release only and the 'share' is done via Instagram, Flickr and/or Facebook.

To give myself a break from Paper Piecing I got Sew Fresh Quilts' block  #4 Eccentric Star Sweater done in the Ugly Christmas Sweaters QAL.  I liked the look of some of the other quilter's 'sweaters' so decided to make the background of the block the same as the sweater color.  I like the look better than the square in the middle.  I won't re-do the other three :)

I think that's me caught up... for now.  I really need a louder voice in my ear to help curb my obsessive addition of BOMs and QALs.  LOL  If any of you are interested in adding a BOM or 6 to your list most of mine are on the right sidebar.  Linking up with Lynette's BOM's Away at What A Hoot Quilts.  Enjoy what your Monday brings you :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Let's Bee Social #111

Wanderlust is a paper piecing BOM hosted by Janeen at Quilt Art Designs.  The blocks are a little above my abilities but I couldn't NOT do January's Tower Bridge.  I have fond memories of sailing under the bridge while the Olympic Rings were hung from it... awesome :)  Many hours went into this block and I love it, faults and all :)  It's doubtful I'll do all of the blocks in this BOM, I'm just not a dedicated paper piecer, so the ones I do take on will likely end up as wall hangings.  This one will for sure :)  The blocks are free for the month of their release... which means the pattern for Tower Bridge is no longer Free.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater QAL, hosted by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts,  started on Feb 1, with a new 'sweater' block being released every Monday and Thursday.  I finished Sweater #3 Shoo Fly this morning, just in time for tomorrow's.  Fun blocks and a good way to use up those Christmas fabrics :)

#3 Shoo Fly

#1 Simple Nine Patch

#2 Friendship Star
Linking up with Let's Bee Social #111 at Sew Fresh Quilts.  Enjoy what your Wednesday brings :)

Monday, February 8, 2016

BOMs Away Feb 8

Another Monday recap of my finished blocks :)   I have no projects on the go, just BOMs and QALs... granted, more of those than is needed but it's what I like to do.  I get variety and can finish a block up in a sitting so it works for me.  I'm mostly using what I have on hand, with the odd trip out for a nose around the fat quarter section so all of my finishes (when/if I get to the end of the BOMs/QALs) will be scrappy... or interchangeable.

First up, February's block for the Sugar Block Club hosted by Amy Gibson at Stichery Dickory Dock. A free BOM, with the option to upgrade for extras.  I'm sticking with the Free :)  This month's block is a 12" Log Cabin style, simple and quick.

Next is 'Flip Flop' for Sew Incredibly Crazy's In Our Garden Blog Hop.  It's one of two blocks for January, the second one being an applique block which I'm not sure I'll do.  Both blocks are Free during the month of February.  Another 12" block, simple and quick.

Pat Sloan's My Secret Garden is a sweet 16" block.  A little more fiddly with the number of small squares, but my 1/4" seam is getting better so my points are pretty good in this one.  Another Free BOM, a bit of a pita wading thru all the ads and the dual colorway instructions, but worth it once you get at it.

The last BOM for this recap is Quilt Doodle's 2016 BOM, another Free for the Month design, but smaller blocks and a  whole lot of frustration for me.  I don't like working with 1 1/2" squares!  It would have been easier to go the checkerboard route but I went for scrappy.  Took me the best part of a day to cut and sew those little beggars together and a couple of close calls with the iron.  Way too many seams for the blocks to lay flat, but they are cute!

Linking up with Lynette's What A Hoot Quilts BOMs Away.  I hope you are all enjoying your Monday, we're waiting on a Blizzard in Nova Scotia.  With the windchill already at -13 I'm thinking it's going to be nastier as the day wears on.

Friday, February 5, 2016


I actually finished this in January, but didn't post about it for whatever reasons... at least I don't think I posted about it... I KNOW I didn't link it to a TGIFF :)
I wanted a new bed runner for my room so in December,  between hunts for even more BOMs and QALs,  I worked on some blocks from Fresh Lemons Modern Quilt's Solstice Stars Series using some Fat Quarters from Connecting Threads, purchased last year so counts as working from my stash, right?  LOL
I did diagonal wavy lines between straight lines and love the texture it produced.  The leftovers went into the cushion, no pattern just what worked for me at the time :)

Linking up with TGIFF at Devoted Quilter.  Already 27 link ups, so looks like lots of finishes are happening :)  Enjoy your Friday everyone!

OMG February Goal

My February Goal for OMG is to finish Drunkard's Wife.  I laughed so often while working on the blocks for this QAL I just think it would be a shame for it to be added to my ever growing pile of UFOs.  I'm still deciding if I want to make it a bed runner and cushion for my bed or a 'travel quilt' for my trip to the UK in April.  I'll have to decide SOON if I want it done by the end of the month :)
I blogged about this QAL ALOT over the past few months so I won't add all of the pictures again, just a collage or two that I put together.

Where I'm at today... 12 blocks and some yardage.

Linking up with OMG at Red Letter Quilts.  Wow are there ever a lot of February Goals!  It's kind of comforting to know there are so many like minded quilters out there :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Keeping Busy

There is always a flurry of quilting activity during the first week of the month, especially this early in the year, when all those wonderful BOMs and QALs are kicking off.  I got caught up on some January Blocks and a couple of 'Blocks 2s' done, including the 'Button' blocks for Bonfire.  More curves... two months in a row now, but I'm not complaining, I just love the results this month!  I decided to go with same colors, just one is prints and the other is solid.

Doing a little happy dance here, my Bonfire post for January at Gen X Quilters  was picked for the  $25 Fat Quarter Shop Gift Card.

A good portions of today was spent reorganizing my Fun Room and redoing my display wall.  I took down the cork tiles, put up (or is that on?) some wainscoting then re did the cork tiles, cutting some to fit along the sloped ceiling.  I'm happy with it :)

After all that organizing and nailing (I love using that little nail gun) and stapling (no fingers this time) I got some sewing time in and got a good start on my first 'Ugly Christmas Sweater' Block.

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