Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wednesday Catch Up

The middle of the week rolls around again and I've been getting some sewing done, thanks to a trip to Midsomer Quilting (for some fabric) on Saturday and a Sew Thankful Sunday post on The Crafty Quilter (for some wonderful Christmas shares).  The project I jumped on is Merry and Bright, designed and hosted by Jen Daly Quilts.  Great tutorials every other day and lovely results.

Day 1 = 7   Pinwheels

 Day 2 = 7  Ornaments

Day 3 = 6 Trees

Day 4 =  6 Gifts

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Finishes...

A couple of finishes, both done before I traveled from Canada to England.  The first one was to test the December 'Wanderlust' pattern for Janeen at Quilt Art Designs.  I had no problem agreeing to do the CN Tower block :)   Paper Piecing is still a very time consuming project for me, I enjoy doing them, but they sure don't clip along at a pace.  There are a lot of start/stop moments.  Because of that, I only managed to get two of the 12 months done for Wanderlust... January and December, both are now wall hangings left at home.  I have the rest saved and hope to get to them... but you know how things go in the quilting world, there is always a 'gotta do' around the corner.
No pictures of the CN Tower hanging on the wall... I forgot to take one before leaving :)

The second finish is a small table topper I made and brought with me.  I followed a pattern in one of the magazines I have at home... of course I forget which one and didn't bring it with me.  I wasn't sure about the size so was well pleased that it ended up being perfect for the table on this side of the pond.

Linking up with TGIFF at Devoted Quilter. I hope you all enjoy your Friday, be safe and share some smiles :)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

12 Days of Christmas...

The 12 Days of Christmas have begun :)  Quilt Art Designs and Seams To Be Sew have joined together once again this year to gift us with their talent in the form of a pattern each per day (that's 24 patterns) that will dance together to make a lovely Christmas Village.  How cool is that!  The patterns will be available free for 24 hours on the day of release.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BEEing Social...

My little Janome DC3050 got fished out of the loft and set up on Monday and got her first run doing Lesson 4 of the Aiming For Accuracy Challenge I started in October.  A4AC 2016/2017 is a Quilt Along designed and hosted by Michele @ Quilting Gallery that runs from October 2016 - April 2017 with pattern releases on the 7th and 21st of each month.  It's a 'pay for' program so I won't link back to it.  A4AC is a large (92" x 108")  Medallion Quilt with 38 blocks ranging in size and degree of difficulty  and incorporating various piecing techniques and quilt as you go instructions.  There are two background colors, I'm going with off white (Kona Bleach) and green (Kona Sea Foam).  The blocks will be an organized scrappy ;)  I'm using a black and white print and a note book to keep track of which fabrics I've used for which blocks and so far... so good.  Might end up looking like a dogs breakfast but I won't know that until well into it.  Fabric choosing is NOT my strong suit.  I found a bundle of Fat Quarters at Atlantic Fabrics Halifax that I liked and built my palette around that.  This is the only project I packed and brought with me to England.

Lesson 1 =  5 Blocks
Block 2 (12") - Block 23 (9") - Block 26 (9") on Bleach B/G and Block 31 (8") - Block 32 (8") on Sea Foam B/G.  Seeing the picture I realize that I have one of the pinwheels in Block 31 oriented wrong... I may have to fix that, for my own peace of mind ;)

Lesson 2 = 4 Blocks
Block 7 (9") - Block 11 (9") on Bleach B/G  and Block 30 (8") - Block 34 (8") on Sea Foam B/G

Lesson 3 = 3 Blocks
Block 6 (12") - Block 12 (9") - Block 17 (12") on Bleach B/G

Lesson 4 = 3 Blocks, first ones on THIS side of the Pond ;)
Block 9 (9") - Block 20 (9") - Block 24 (9") on Bleach B/G

Linking up with Lorna's Let's Bee Social #153 at Sew Fresh Quilts, take a peek at her Happy Birthday Canada pattern... I love it, can't wait until it's released.

Mod Bear Finished :)

After a whirl wind first week on THIS side of the Pond, I finally have things mostly organized here. My 'fun room' is quite a bit smaller on this side and my quilting stash is... well, to be honest, I don't have one here, a few scraps in shoe boxes in the loft ~~~sob~~~  I only packed one project to bring with me, Aiming for Accuracy Challenge (getting three months behind on A4AC would not be a good thing) and two finishes, one being The Mod Bear bed runner :)

Mod Bear QAL was a challenge at times, with all of those tiny hsts for the Bear Claw blocks.  But oh my heavens that bear!!!  Absolutely love him!  He made the hst hair pulling moments so worth it :)  I love Lorna's patterns, they are fun to do, kind of like puzzles, and such wonderful results.  I can't wait for her Happy Birthday Canada pattern!  More bears... and a loon!

Back to my bed runner... this little lovely finished at 74" x 27" (the keys on my UK keyboard are a little different than my Canadian keyboard, the " symbol is where the @ is.  There are other miss placed symbols, but those two I use a lot so found and remember where they are, most of the time).  I backed the runner with a cute little piece of woodland critters flannel gifted to me by a friend.  No little paws on this one because I needed to get it finished before the instructions were released... not that I would have done the paws prints anyway because I'd pretty much used up my patience for tiny units.

Enough yattering, I'll just share the pictures and do the link up.

Linking up with Mod Bear QAL Linky Party at Sew Fresh Quilts.  Thank you Lorna for a great pattern and a fun QAL!

My fancy binding clips :)  I use the bigger ones on the corners.

All those cute little critters :)

On my 'Canada' wall, before packing.

Safe journey across the pond :)

Did I mention I love that bear!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

More Bags???

Well of course, Bag It continues and so does the creation of bags and totes in my Fun Room.  These will be the last of them for me, I'll soon be heading off to the 'other side' of the Pond (two weeks from today) .

Linking up with Bag It Entry at Elm Street Quilts and claiming 4 more ballots :)

Bag 11 is a cosmetic type bag I made following the 'Trinket Case' tutorial by It's Sew Illustrated. I like the zipper instructions for this one, the rest of that gusset type construction gave me no end of grief.  I quilted my main body piece and lost some size so I should have adjusted the gusset pieces. It's not lined, so a little messy on the inside but it's usable, just not something I would give as a gift ;) It's a tutorial I'll try again, I'll just make sure to follow along more closely... I do tend to veer off into 'I've got this' mode a little quickly sometimes.  I used 'Oh Canada' by Stonehenge fabrics and it finished at 9" x 7" x 3"  It already has a tube of toothpaste, a bottle of tylenol and a tube of polysporin in it.

Bags 12 & 13 are Totes, made following a 'Tote Bag'  tutorial at Craft Buds.  I wanted something 'Canadian' to use while shopping in the local shops when I'm in England to replace the Sobey's bags, which I find hit the ground when I carry them while walking.   I went with a partial lining (about 6" from the top), thin batting with minimal quilting (either side of the seams) and no edge seams so they fold up reasonably small for when they are not carrying groceries.  I used 'Discover Canada' Andover fabric and some 'Oh Canada'.  They should be perfect!
The stripe one finished at 14" x 12" with 15" quilted handles and the squares one finished at 14 1/2 x 12 1/2 with 20 inch handles.

Bag 14 was created because I had a piece of fabric already quilted, a slip up when I was making my first 'Sew Together' bag (I cut the fabric wrong and got it quilted before I realized).  It's just a simple unlined flat zipper pouch, nothing fancy and it will hold whatever sewing notions (or other stuff) I can't fit into the other two pouches.  They are great for keeping things organized when travelling.  I use the one I made last year to keep all of my charging leads, ear buds, thumb drives in.  This one finished at 9" x 8"

Monday, October 24, 2016

Bags 7, 8, 9, 10

More Bag It entries :)  Bags 7 & 8 are 'I see them blogged about everywhere' Sew Together Bags using Sew Demented's Original pattern  and following the Quilt Barn 2014 Sew Along tutorials, especially for the first one because reading wasn't quite enough for me to catch on how to do the side gussets.  There were a couple of places where the seams were bulky, but over all they sewed up nicely and it's a pattern I'll use again.  #7 is for my 'gotta take with me' sewing stuff and #8 is for my sister.

Bag 7

Bag 8

Bag 9 & 10 are  smaller bags, following Patty's tutorial (loosely), for my sister to stow her sunglasses and other sun-loving stuff in while vacationing in Cuba.

Bag 9

Bag 10

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts 'Bag It Entry' Linky

Not sure why Bag 9 missed the 'together' photo shoot, it must have been hiding ;)

Friday, October 21, 2016

A Friday Finish :)

I used Blocks 1 - 53 from the 100 Days 100 Blocks Instagram Challenge to make a bed runner for my sister.  The blocks are 6", made using my blue scrap bin stash and following the book 100 Modern Quilt Blocks by Tula Pink.  The sashing is bright white and the backing is a piece of blue and white from my stash.  It finished at 77 1/2" x 36 1/2".  The runner will be a Christmas present, but I needed to get it finished early.  It's done and dusted now, just has to be wrapped.  I'll use some more of the blocks to make a couple of cushions.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday Update

Wind, rain and a  7 hour power outage over the Thanksgiving Weekend but we still enjoyed a great meal and good conversation.  It helped that we decided to have our feast on Sunday, before the storm blew through :)  A couple of pictures, showing off the Autumn Table Cover...

Linking up with Midweek Makers #41 at Quilt Fabrication  and Let's Bee Social #146 at Sew Fresh Quilts.
My little Brother Sewing Machine has been humming along daily as I get caught up on my October BOM blocks.
The Sugar Block Club block this month was a quick sew, probably because I've recently made a pile of them for the Mod Bear Paws QAL... though this one, Bear Tracks, is comfortably larger, at 12" x 12"  than the previous ones ;)

4 1/2" Snowman Blocks for Quilt Doodle Designs 2016 BOM.  The eyes will either be little buttons or beads, haven't decided yet.  These will be corner blocks in the border, and I think the last blocks I'll be doing for this BOM.  I put my rows together early, BEFORE realizing there was sashing between the blocks... oops ;)  Those tiny pinwheel corner blocks don't appeal to me any way so I'm not going to pull out the ripper.

The last BOM block on my wall is October's  Needle and Thread for My Favorite Things, hosted by Sew Hooked.  I love this block!  It sewed up quickly, even for a paper pieced block, and turned out lovely, nice and crisp.

My wall is expanding downwards!  LOL  There are some other projects up there, things I'll post about over the next few days.  For now, a peak at: Bag #6, Aiming For Accuracy Challenge Block 2, Sleigh Bells, Star Wars Cushion Top, Needle & Thread, Meadow Mystery October Units, 100 Days 100 Blocks, Snowmen, Bear Tracks, Dear Grand Daughter x2, More 100 Days 100 Blocks