Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Working on Moccasin

The last blocks for Moccasin were big HSTs and some one fabric squares and rectangles.  I nearly gave up on this one, several times.  9 1/2 inch blocks made with too many small pieces had me pulling my hair out.   The blocks for August were more curves, which after having done the February 'curve' blocks I cringed and put them on the back burner... again, and again and again.  The plain orange block in the top left corner and the plain yellow block in the second from the bottom row left side are my 'August Curves'  :)  The July blocks also gave me fits!  Lots of them.  I DID make them, using the triangle templates provided and I thought following the instructions... they were different sizes and neither could be trimmed to 9 1/2" so into the 'orphan block' bin they went. The third plain orange block (second row, kitty corner to the first one) and second from the bottom row, right side are my July triangles.  When the final instructions arrived in my inbox yesterday I bit the bullet and was determined to 'get er done'. Well, it's not exactly done, but I'm loving it!  As I sewed sections together and put it on my design wall my smile just got bigger and bigger.  I'm leaving it in three sections for now... the plan being to quilt it in sections and than put it together... if I can figure out how to do the blue borders, before or after quilting the sections.  So many things to consider with quilting.  My blocks aren't perfect, not by a long shot.  There are a lot of missing points and several unmatched seams, but considering how many times I cussed and stomped and decided I'd had enough, I'm elated with the results so far!

AnnMarie Chany's Moccasin

My version :)

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    1. Thanks Anja. Quilting it will be a nightmare... but by the ever growing pile of tops in the waiting stage it's gonna be a long while. :)

  2. I really like your version with the colors you used.

    1. Thanks Cheryl, this has been my first all solid project, except for the white, that has a pattern ;)


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