Monday, December 21, 2015

Drunkard's Wife QAL

I've been keeping up with the DW QAL hosted by Falice Regina at Sew Scatterbrained, I just haven't been posting my blocks each week...  The blocks have been easy and non stressful which has made this QAL enjoyable.  Week 7 has two mess ups, one intentional, one not.  LOL

Week 4 - Mint Julep

Week 5 - Mimosa

Week 6 - Mai Tai

Week 7 - Sangria

Week 8 - Amaretto Sour
Weeks 1 - 8


  1. It continues to crack me up that you are sewing blocks with intentional mistakes! Keep up the fine work!

    1. When you get encouragement like 'Instead, do the thing. DO IT. DO ITTTTTT.' from the host you just HAVE to ;) It's a fun little QAL and in the end I'll have 12 blocks done in winter prints... might even get them sewn together and quilted in time for next winter :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Anja :) I should be tackling the quilting on some of my finished tops... but I prefer to hunt down QALs instead ;)


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