Friday, November 27, 2015

Two Friday Finishes!

In July I enjoyed doing 'Little Joys' QAL at Jolly Jabber.  Little Joys was a weekly QAL, doing three blocks each week.  I was still in England then, finished the blocks and packed them up to bring home. I put them together as a wall hanging, even got the quilting done, but was so NOT happy with the end result... partly because I had no use for a wall hanging, but mostly because I used freakin' crappy polyester batting  errrrrgggggggg.  I tucked it away thinking it would grow on me, maybe.  NOPE. So out came the seam ripper and I picked picked picked all of the wavy line quilting I had done... I still had no purpose for a wall hanging so decided to turn the blocks into a bed runner and cushions, using my favorite cotton batting :)  What a transformation!  I absolutely love the finish.  Of course, you'll have to take my word for it because I didn't take any pictures the first time around ;)  I used decorative stitch #76 on my brother.

My second finish is a set of four Placemats using my AYoLF win from Stitch & Giggles, Ho Ho Ho by Deb Strain Charm Pack.  I used some 'close' matching fat quarters for the solid blocks and borders and red flannel for the back and binding.  Quilting was one done using stitch #45, a decorative stitch meant to look like hand sewing.  It doesn't really, but I still like the stitch :)

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Monday, November 23, 2015

BOMs Away

Dirty Martini is block #3 in the Drunkard's Wife QAL.  I'm sticking with my 'winter' theme and just love the fabrics in this one!

I did three more blocks in the Deckade The Halls QAL, Santa Stockings, Seasons Giving, and Vintage Ornaments.  I think I almost have enough blocks to do a bed runner and some cushions for my room, maybe just a couple more... the blocks are quick and come together nicely.

Gen X Quilters' BOM 2016 is going to be a little different next year, and since there is an option for 12" Blocks, I've decided to sign on for the third year.  This year we'll be working from a book, rather than PDF files each month.  I pre ordered my book, 'Sister Sampler Quilt' from Amazon, because Gen X doesn't ship to Canada. Happily, it's cheaper than previous years :)  Having the book and being able to work at my own pace might mean this BOM/QAL won't quite have the same feel to it as others, and I might have difficulty sticking with it... or NOT just diving in and doing it all at once, but we shall see.

What A Hoot's BOMs Away doesn't have a link up this week... but I have the post done so I'll post it anyway.  I hope you are all enjoying your Monday!  

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Let's Bee Social #99

Lots of sharing going on at Sew Fresh Quilts, I think Let's Bee Social gets busier every week!  Such fun to nose around on blogs and see what others are up to.  I can hardly wait until Friday and the reveal of Lorna's 'Forest Friends'.

In my little Fun Room I've been struggling with a Santa Suit, the neck is giving me so much grief that I set it aside... almost packed it in if I'm honest, even made the phone call to apologize and bow out but after talking to my friend just decided to step back for a couple of days.  I had started the project last week while visiting with friends in the Annapolis Valley, got the jacket mostly done and realized it was humongous so had a fitting, brought it home, took it all apart and cut the pieces down two sizes.  The fur has to be finished by hand and I'm going to try one more option for the neck.  Still no guarantee it will be done by Friday... or even if I'll do any more one it ;)  I'm just NOT that into it!

After setting the SS aside I did some fun blocks.  'Sail Away' is Block #11 in Snap Shots QAL at The Jolly Jabber, a quick block which was exactly what I needed last night!  I think the material I used for the boat bottom may have to be replaced, it has a lot of metallic stuff in it and doesn't lay nice.

 'Star Studded' is Block #2 in Deckade The Halls, also a Jolly Jabber QAL, this one from a couple of years ago,  Some of the pieces were a little smallish, but overall they went together ok.  Still need a little trimming, but I've learned that trimming stars usually means losing points so I like to wait until I put them into their setting.

I played a bit with Electric Quilt7 and designed some simple blocks for a quilt I'd like to do, but likely won't get to this year.  I used a picture of my house to make the house block, leaving out the deck and fence.  I still have some work to do on the final design, likely I'll add some light bulbs to the bottom... or something else christmasy.

I think I've procrastinated enough on the Santa Suit... or maybe not... I dunno, it's still not calling me so maybe one more fun block.  I hope your sewing adventures are going a whole lot smoother than mine seem to be this week.  If not, pop on over to Lorna's 'Let's Bee Social' and enjoy some of the work being done by others, so much inspiration being shared!

My design/display wall so far this week.

Monday, November 16, 2015

BOMs Away

The second block in the Drunkard's Wife QAL is the 'churn dash', renamed Whisky Tumbler by our host Falice Regina @ Sew Scatterbrained.  It's actually a little easier to make mistakes on purpose than I first thought it would be ;)

November's 'Chocolate Star' came together nicely, in spite of the many triangles.  I think I'm going to lose several points on my stars when I put the quilt together.  I think stars aren't my favorite :)

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Santa Face

Friday already???  Where has the week gone!?  For me it went into a trip to the valley to work on a Santa Suit, but before I left I got my Paper Pieced Santa Face done.  As with Rudolph, I opted to sparsely quilt, this time straight lines around the outer boarder.  It's another wall hanging and won't likely see the washer/dryer often, if at all :)

Linking up with the Paper Piecing Party at Quilt Art Designs.  I'm looking forward to The 12 Days of Christmas that will jointly be hosted by Quilt Art Designs and Seams to Be Sew, by the look of the sweet preview Janeen posted today there should be some great patterns shared :)

Friday, November 6, 2015

Paper Piecing Friday

I'm working on another project in  Issue #7 of  Paper Piecing 1/4" this week. Lots of mess happening but the Santa Face is coming along nicely and should soon be on my design wall :)

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday Volume 4

I taught myself to sew while living in a remote part of BC (Prince Rupert) in the early 80s.  It kept me sane over the years, sewing up pretty much anything.  With 4 kids, there was lots of reasons to sew :)  I wobbled off creating with fabric to painting on wood (much of which I cut out myself) to minatures to beading to knitting to crocheting and back to fabric.  For this link up I'm sharing a picture from 1989 of some costumes I made.  My wonderful niece at Quarter Inch From the Edge told me I could share something that wasn't quilty, and it's her link up so nah nah nah. My youngest son is not too sure he likes his brother's face blue :)  The little clown sitting on my oldest daughter's knee is a neighbor I was looking after, wearing the costume I made for my son a couple of years earlier, this picture predates the birth of my youngest.  Too much information I know, but these Throwback posts lend themselves to sharing.
~~~Yellow Cat~~~Pumpkin~~~Mime~~~Clown~~~Gonzo~~~

I hope your Thursday is full of memories that make you smile :)  Linking up with Jenn at A Quarter Inch From the Edge's Throwback Thursday.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lets Bee Social #97

Lets Bee Social is always a fun way to share our progress on various projects, and then have a peek at what others are doing.  Win win in the cyber Quilting World.

Bag It at Elm Street Quilts started on Tuesday, with the first tutorial being a small (4x6) zipper pouch, very cute and small... have I mentioned I'm not keen on sewing small projects... I may have done a time or six.  Day two is the same pouch only with boxed corners...  But, the smaller projects are a good time to use some of the decorative stitches on my Brother so I'll chug along happily :)  I'll make today's one in purple and tuck it into my grand daughter's Christmas present.

The Drunkard's Wife QAL at Sew Scatterbrained also started on Monday.  I got block 1 "Happy Hour" done yesterday before the 7 stitches in my upper arm started screaming STOP!  I'm doing this one all in wintery prints. left overs from Snowed Inn and some Fat Quarters I purchased at Connecting Threads.  The lettering in the center still needs to be stitched, or maybe done in fabric paint, I haven't decided yet.

And lastly, working through the discomfort until I just couldn't, I got the last 4 blocks of Moccasin cut out and ready to sew.  I managed to get pairs of the checkerboard units sewn and ironed.  It's the ironing that gives me the most grief.  The stitches are in my left (dominant for me) arm and that's the side I have my ironing mat set up on.  I'll be happy to have Moccasin done, it's been more frustrating than I needed and more than once I've tucked it away with the thought of not finishing... only to pull it back out and get caught up.  Except for 4 blocks... two that didn't play well and two that I didn't even attempt.  Maybe this will be the month I'll tackle them... or not ;)

My Design/Display wall is looking pretty bare so far this month, but the list is long and growing so it will fill quickly enough.

Linking up with Lorna's 'Lets Bee Social' at Sew Fresh Quilts.

Monday, November 2, 2015

BOMs Away 02/11

I've been keeping up with the blocks in MMQGBOM (Maritime Modern Quilt Guild BOM) and sticking with the solids, except for the one print that will show up in some of the blocks.  The November block (linked to on the 15th of October) has been done and on my wall for awhile but I forgot to blog about it... I also think I forgot to Instagram it... so many ways to share = so much confusion :)

Six blocks done, with one of them being a mix up as to what month we were supposed to do :)  It will just mean that somewhere towards the end of the BOM (which is finished for everyone who followed along with the original BOM but not for those of us following along MMQG's version ;)  I'll be ahead of the game.

I love this quilting gig!  All the great blogs, the sharing, the excitement of finding yet another pattern I JUST HAVE TO DO, but more often than not I don't.  The growing list that changes almost daily. The fabric.  The colors. The tools and gadets (I love tools and gadgets!!!)  Ahhhhh, the bliss of it all.
I hope your Monday is a great one!  Full of all the things and people and pets you cherish most.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

My display/design wall has been cleared, except for my finished 'Peeking Reindeer', I don't want him to get scuffed before December and my November 'Quilt List' is made... it's really just the over flow of October's list, which other than Harvest QAL which I finished and blogged/bragged about pretty much everywhere, hasn't changed much.  I did add a couple of QALs... well, three.  Bag It, hosted by Elm Street Quilts starts tomorrow, lots of prize opportunities with this one. The Drunkard's Wife QAL, hosted by Sew Scatterbrained also starts tomorrow.  Should be interesting to see how my...ahhhh lets say organized mind, handles purposely sewing blocks together wrong... no not wrong, with a twist :)  They are both weekly, which may be a small issue for the first week or so as I'm having a minor procedure on my upper left arm tomorrow which may cause some discomfort for a few days depending on how many stitches will be required and I'm supposed to be going to Nictaux around the 10th for a few days to make a Santa Suit.  And then this morning, while reading my daily update on the 39 blogs I'm following I clicked my way via The Crafty Quilter's Sew Thankful Sunday to Sunshine In The Attic's Christmas Symbols QAL, it's already under way, but I'm gonna give er a go anyway :)

As usual, the list is long and no doubt will get longer.  This quilting obsession truly IS an obsession :) EDIT:  I am now following 43 Blogs... how did that happen LOL