Friday, September 11, 2015

Electric Quilt 7 -Skylights-

The past couple of weeks, with sewing winding down in preparation for my return home, I've been learning to use my EQ7 software.  I purchased it a year ago, dabbled with it a bit over the winter (usually at home, in the evenings, while pretending to watch tv)  I generally enjoy design programs, having used Paint Shop Pro for several years, but I was finding the tutorials available for EQ7 lacking and after the cost of the software itself wasn't keen to pay to learn how to use it.  My enjoyment dwindled.

A year later... I was  prepared to pay for a class at EQ University ~~~chuckle~~~ I've been really good this month and haven't purchased anything 'quilty' so $40 + the exchange rate was burning a hole in my pocket.  Off to 'Do You EQ' I go, click on the EQ University tab and pick out the 'Class' I want to take 'EQ7 Building Blocks' and oh look... there is a Prerequisite to take 'EQ7 Sampler', at wouldn't you know, $40 + the exchange rate.  So now, my 'learn to use a program I paid probably too much for will cost me $80 + the exchange rate.   Errrrgggggggg  There is a free 'Quick Start' class, which I took last winter, and has made the program at least usable for me... but I want more!  :)

Anyway, while clicking around in Do You EQ I found some lessons with a little more meat on their bones, under Mystery Quilt Series.  The first one I did was Skylights.  I'll admit here, I didn't read the 'story' that went with the lessons, but just skipped to page 2 of each of the 12 Lessons.  Tons of learning, some repetition which helps my pea brain retain at least some of the knowledge for future use.  I only did the EQ part and doubt I'll ever actually sew the quilt... though one never knows where boredom will take me, but I was well impressed with what I learned overall.  Will I remember it all? Not likely, but at least I'm encouraged to use EQ more and hopefully retain some of it.


  1. You jumped in with both feet on this one! Glad you're finding ways to use your EQ... I never really got into mine!

  2. Good luck with your course. Hope you enjoy it more once you get a hang of it.


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