Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Let's Bee Social #87 August 26

Not a lot of sewing happening these days as I try to organize what will be going to Canada with me and what will be staying in England, but between organizing and dealing with a bout of vertigo I managed to get a little quilting in on my Modern Aztec.  It's my August goal for ALYoF and I'm well ahead of my set target.

I also finished another block for the MMQGBOM, which I meant to post on Monday, but couldn't sit long enough at the computer :)

And I took apart the travel tote I made in January and cut the size down a bit.  I posted about the tote HERE.  After having used it on the trip over and dragging it around for 18 hours, bruising my shoulders, I realized it was too big to be a practical.  It DID make a good cushion to rest against while waiting for electricity to be fixed, the airport to be reopened and a new flight to be scheduled.

Linking up with Lorna's 'Let's Bee Social' at Sew Fresh Quilts .  I hope your week has been going well, be safe, stay healthy and share those smiles :)


  1. I love that triangles block! And although I only got a glimpse of your Modern Aztec quilt, I really like the fabric choices you made.

    1. Thank you Lorinda, I was well pleased with the triangles block. It's been a nice BOM so far.

      My Modern Aztec is coming along much quicker than I thought. I chose my fabrics with the magazine in hand, so the colors are very similar to what the designer, Cristina Tepsick, used.


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