Friday, August 28, 2015

ALYoF August Finish

My August 'goal' for A Lovely Year of Finishes (#12 in the Goal Setting Link Up) was met, so that puts me  8 for 8 in this challenge so far.  All of the cutting is done (except for the sashing, I like to do that as needed, to allow for miscalculations/off bubble 1/4" seams) I did manage to mess up in the cutting, in spite of making notes and ended up with not enough fabric for the solid triangles so had to make extra print ones.  Didn't effect the overall look too much. The Triangle Rows went together so nicely, I'll definitely be using them in another quilt.  I'm quilting each section as I go with this one and  did some FMQ on the center blocks, along with some straight lines.  Not finished yet,  hopefully next month :)

Section 1 measures 90" by 31 1/2"  Big Bold and Beautiful :)

Cut and stacked in 'block' piles

Some FMQ - a little shaky but passable

Section 1

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I hope you all enjoy what your Friday brings you, stay safe and share those smiles :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Let's Bee Social #87 August 26

Not a lot of sewing happening these days as I try to organize what will be going to Canada with me and what will be staying in England, but between organizing and dealing with a bout of vertigo I managed to get a little quilting in on my Modern Aztec.  It's my August goal for ALYoF and I'm well ahead of my set target.

I also finished another block for the MMQGBOM, which I meant to post on Monday, but couldn't sit long enough at the computer :)

And I took apart the travel tote I made in January and cut the size down a bit.  I posted about the tote HERE.  After having used it on the trip over and dragging it around for 18 hours, bruising my shoulders, I realized it was too big to be a practical.  It DID make a good cushion to rest against while waiting for electricity to be fixed, the airport to be reopened and a new flight to be scheduled.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Let's Bee Social #86

Lorna's 'Let's Bee Social' at Sew Fresh Quilts has become a weekly 'look forward to' for me,   It helps keep me motivated to post on my own blog plus encourages me to visit other blogs and support other bloggers by commenting.  This quilting/blogging/sharing gig is a win win for all of us :)  Long may it continue!

This week I've been working on the Hampshire Holiday QAL, again.  Set The Table #2 had us putting the blocks we made last week together in an Irish Chain pattern.  Setting blocks on point seems to be a great way to waste fabric... cutting off those blocks so patiently worked on in weeks 3 & 4 wasn't my favorite thing to do, but the finished top made me forget about that.  This quilt is approximately 65" x 82" and very loud.  It won't be finished on this side of the pond and has already been packed away in my already 'half full of quilting projects' suitcase.  There is not going to be any room for clothes by the time September 13 rolls around, but I'll have lots of WIPs to finish over the winter :)

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Monday, August 17, 2015

BOMs Away August 18

On Saturday Block 8 of the Snapshots QAL hosted at The Jolly Jabber, was released.  This one was a bit fiddly, and I think there is a piece or two that could have been done differently, but it's still a nice block and I enjoyed piecing it. I was going to re-do one section, where the handle doesn't connect to the bike body, but don't have enough of the white.  I've been using different white on white fabrics for each block, and usually there is lots left over, but this one has a lot of background and the pieces left over aren't wide enough.  I checked the pattern, and it's pieced correctly, I just think the striped piece should have come down to meet the cross bar.  I also think the spokes need something...

Like Riding A Bike

A piece missing?

This is the second BOM/QAL I've done with the ladies at The Jolly Jabber and I've really enjoyed both.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Let's Bee Social #85

Hampshire Holiday is winding down, this week was putting the blocks from the first 4 weeks together to make bigger blocks, so half the job was already done for the 32  blocks (12 #1, 6 #2 and 14 #3).

Block 1  = Roast Duckling (Week 4) + Lobster & Eggs (Week 1) + Cranberry Torte (Week 2)

Block 2 = Mincemeat Cake (Week 3) + Lobster & Eggs (Week 1) + Cranberry Torte (Week 2)

Block 3 = Sugar Plums (Week 3 & 4)

Linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts' 'Let's Bee Social #85'   Pop on over to take a peek at what others are keeping busy with and add your own share.   Lorna is also planning a Quilt Along Blog Hop, 'Dog Gone Cute' for September so you can check out the particulars at the same time.  I hope you are all enjoying your Wednesday, stay safe and share those smiles :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

BOM's Away August 10

This week I made the Flying Geese blocks for the Midnight Mystery QAL.  First time I've ever used the 'no waste' method to make them.  They turned out nicely... still lots of trimming, but that goes hand in hand with all the ironing involved in quilting :)  36 Flying Geese, nine of each orientation of the anchors.  I'm hoping orientation isn't going to be an issue in the over all pattern...

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Let's Bee Social #84

Working on QALs this week, I finished Week 4's blocks, 22 Sugar Plums (the same as last weeks only fewer of them) and 12 Roast Duckling, same as last week's Mincemeat Cakes only different fabrics.  Easy going, just strip piecing, cutting and chain piecing.  There was a little glitch with the pattern's fabric amounts so there was some cobbling together of one strip.  Not a big problem, but still a little disappointing for a paid for QAL.  I'm glad I didn't buy one of the fabric kits, I would have been more than a little annoyed.  There has been quite a bit of leftovers each week, which thankfully I have kept.  One lady used up the extras to make extra blocks, not sure what she did to squeeze the last four blocks units out of the 'short' fabric.  Lots of excuses as to why/how but still...

It's great to have several projects on the go :)  Monday I pulled out Week 2 of the Hearts Sampler... ahhhhh fusible applique? Nope, not in the mood for that.  So I pulled out August's  Moccasin... ahhhhh curves? Nope, not in the mood for that, especially more small ones, no matter how much the designer claims they are easier then February's.  Next. Spring Row QAL... paper piecing??? Oh good grief.  Three little butterflies, now seriously how difficult can they be?  For me, size matters.  I like big :)  I didn't do traditional paper piecing, I just used the paper pieces as guides.  On small pieces I find the paper just adds bulk.  Of course, my 'butterflies' are all backwards.  LOL  The butterflies got done, except for the applique bits.  Now on to the little flowers... maybe tomorrow or the next day, I want to work on something big :)

I got the cutting done for Modern Aztec, with only one OMG! moment.  I managed to cut too many 2 1/2" strips from the dark orange which left me short so had to cut extra light orange triangles.  That's going to make my triangle rows a little different, but I'm good with that :)

It's been one of those weeks and not a drop of the Captain in the house :)  I hope your week is going smoothly, stay safe, have fun and share those smiles :)

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Monday, August 3, 2015

BOMs Away August 3

Not much time spent at the machine last week, with D on Holidays I spent a good portion of the time standing at the foot of the ladder while D washed down, then sanded, then painted (twice) the trim under the roof eaves (it has a name, I just can't think of it). We also did an over night trip to Manchester.  Train trip up and back, good food and a tour of the original Coronation Street set made for a wonderful break :)
Yesterday I managed to get the Hampshire Holiday blocks done for Week 3.  34 -  6 1/2" Sugar Plum blocks and 6 - 6 1/2 Mincemeat Cake blocks.  Just in time for Week 4 :)

Sugar Plums

Mincemeat Cakes

Week 3

Week 1, 2 & 3

Today I've been mostly cutting the fabrics for 'Modern Aztec', but needed a break so I did the June Block for MMQGMBOM.  Quick and easy :)  This is the first BOM our guild has attempted so there has been some confusion as to what blocks are being done when.  LOL  We've  jumped on board a just finished BOM at Sew Mama Sew, keeping it relaxed and pressure-less :)

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

ALYoF August Goal

For my August goal I'm going big.  On the cover of issue Twenty One of Love Patchwork & Quilting is a beautiful quilt by Cristina Tepsick called Modern Aztec.  It's a row quilt, which I love.  It has big blocks, which I love. And it has Parallelograms, which I've never done before.   Off to Midsomer Quilting I went yesterday, with magazine in hand, and home I arrived with a bag full of lovelies :)   I'm not going to make 'completion' my goal, I think that would be reaching a bit high so my goal is to get the cutting done and the top 1/3  pieced, that's two triangle rows, 6 A Blocks and 7 B Blocks (cut in half to make 14)

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While putting this post together, with magazine in front of me I've discovered that Cristina Tepswick is the quilter behind Pretty Little Quilts.  I've done  her QAL, Hillside Houses and her Summer Beach Quilt, both of which I enjoyed :)  I love the wonderful world of quilting via the internet!