Sunday, July 5, 2015

Friday Finish

Friday Finish on a Sunday... huh?  Well, it WAS finished and ready to post and link-up, then I forgot :)   I'm blaming Wimbledon!
My battle with hexies is done!  I've tucked the unused ones in a drawer for now, but they won't be forgotten because every time I sit on the patio, there they are :) Not a lot of patio sitting this week, in spite of the beautiful (almost too hot) weather because the 'fence guy' decided the hottest week in England was the best week to build a 6 foot fence.  He got 'er done and it looks great.  Funny how an extra foot of fence height makes so much difference!  Anyway, on to my finish...
It wasn't just the hexie hand sewing that had me in fits over the past couple of weeks, it was cutting down too thick foam pads, designing backs and seats and figuring out how to connect them so as to have one cushion for each chair instead of two.  Through it all, I've discovered (well, I've always known but have finally given into) the fact that I NEED to follow a pattern.  I usually deviate a bit, but I still need to have something to follow (or deviate from).  I can't say I'm in love with the cushions, but they'll do for now.

Table Top

Chair Back

Chair Seat

New Fence


  1. These are fabulous! I love how you coordinated with the table's theme.

    1. Thanks Lynette :) And thank you again for visiting Both Sides of The Pond and your lovely comments :)


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