Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Let's Bee Social #75

This week I've been working on Heart Blocks trying a couple of different patterns in different sizes.  Four trial blocks later and I'm still not sure which pattern I'll go with for my Venice Quilt ~~~sigh~~~

I pieced together the June Blocks for Moccasin in between heart blocks.  Two  9" x 9" 'Wow' blocks this month.  Lots and lots of seams with all of those HSTs and Flying Geese.  Not my favorite blocks, that's for sure!

I also pieced blocks 8 & 9 of Hillside Houses and joined them to the rest of the neighborhood.  A lot of repetition in this QAL, I think I'll be happy to see the end of it :)  I have enjoyed it though, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle.

I hope you week has been a good one and the one coming up is even better :)  Linking up with Lorna's LET'S BEE SOCIAL at Sew Fresh Quilts.


  1. Love those solids, blocks and houses look great!

  2. Those heart blocks are all cute.... But my favourite is the one on the bottom left. I like the shape better than the others. Those Wow blocks do look like a LOT of work. Your Hillside Houses are looking fabulous! One more row to go!


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