Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hexies ~~~Shiver~~~

I love the new bistro table set that sits on the back deck.  The top is granite and marble 'hexies' .  I'm gathering fabrics to make cushions for the back and seats of the two chairs and KNOW that hexies would be the way to go, BUT I'm not sure I have the stamina to make them.   This morning, the first blog on my morning read was Meadow Mist Designs, and what do you know... hexies.  :)  Even my morning read is saying 'you HAVE to do hexies'.   I like the idea of using glue basting for all those fold ins and I think sewing the hexies onto the background will give a nice raised texture to the cushions.  I'm not completely convinced yet, I guess I'll have to give a few a test run first.  Any tips or site suggestions for making hexies greatly appreciated :)  Has anyone used leave in foundation paper making hexies?  Or the wash away stuff?  I'm all about easy and quick ;)

Meadow Mist Designs' Midnight Mystery Quilt Along started this month with Fabric Selection being our first reveal.  Picking fabrics is trial and error for me, made especially hard with mystery quilts.  I've got one on the go already, Vacation Time,  and I'm really not pleased with my fabric choices now that I'm half way through.  Needless to say I was a little hesitant this time.  Didn't stop me from shopping online however... another hit and miss ordeal.   Still, clicked my shopping cart through to purchase.  Ordered on the 9th, arrived on the 12th, not too shabby :)  The fabrics are awesome and best of all, they play well together :)  Roll on Midnight Mystery!  

Coral Dots



Light Taupe Scroll


  1. No question... That table screams out Henie pillows to accompany it! I don't know any sneaky, easy ways to make hexes, but I bet Mr Google would find you a few. I'd just bite the bullet and make EPP hexes. Pillows aren't very big and having something tosses while watching TV isn't a bad thing!

    1. LOL @ Hennie pillows... hexes and something tosses... Don't you just love Auto Correct? I've been loving hexies since seeing the projects you've done with them... but the thought of English Paper Piecing and hand sewing have always made me shake my head. I bit the hexie bullet yesterday and printed off two sizes, 3.5 on Freezer Paper sheets and 2.5 on Printer Paper, cut out a small pile of hexies and worked on them last night while pretending to watch/listen to the England footie game. I got 15 done, not too shabby for my first session :) I haven't actually settled on a design yet, so don't know how many I'll need, but at least now I know the process isn't bad at all :)

  2. Mine might not be the fastest way but I prep hexies the same way that I do applique...with two sheets of freezer paper ironed together for strenght ( can re-use the papers more that way ) and painting starch around the edges and ironing.


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