Friday, April 17, 2015


Please :)

I finished the tops for Brooke and Tayla's play mats and now I'm waffling on the backs and bindings.  The finished tops are approximately 41" x 41 1/2 ",  I have enough in each color of 'dimples' (sashing/ borders fabrics) to do the backs and can make the bindings out of the left over strips.  But, maybe the one fabric background will be too boring for a three year old and a one year old?  They are meant to be play mats, so the back doesn't really matter too much, except, kiddies being kiddies, it might ;)

I have 7 Kate Spain's Horizen Fat Quarters (the same line as the tops) which I can use with the strips and some of the backing fabrics to make pieced backings and then bind them in the dimples.  Any suggestions? If I go with the strips for the bindings, how long should each piece be or should they be varied?  What's a good smallest/largest size?  Joined straight or angled?


  1. I love this collection! I bought the Layer Cake :) I always straight stitch my bindings and press open. I don't have any waste that way. I haven't made a pieced backing. And for kids, I usually use a flannel backing so it's comfy if they decide to curl up with it. My best advice is do what feels right to you. What you have so far is beautiful and I'm sure when they are finished they will be even more beautiful :)

    1. Flannel does make a cosy backing :)

  2. Love them. I angle stitch my bindings...find they lay better that way. I think you should do the opposite colour dimple binding -- the top with the outer green border, use the pink dimple for binding. And vice versa. And then do a pieced backing.

  3. I'm strongly leaning towards the pieced backing... I think piecing the binding would be a lot of work. I like the idea of opposite color binding/border. I'll have the next week to think about it, I'm off to Spain early early early in the morning. We have to be at the airport at 4am.


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