Wednesday, February 4, 2015

BOMs and 4x7 Challenge

I've been working away on some of my BOMs (English Manor, Vacation and Moccasin) as well as the 4x7 Challenge.  The English Manor blocks were again pretty straight forward, so making 16 wasn't so bad.  The Vacation block would look a lot nicer in bright colors, but then bright colors wouldn't match my palette ;)  The Moccasin block is all curvy.  I don't mind curves, but the block itself is smallish, a bit too much so for that many curves.  The units came out fine, putting them together proved less so.  I need to take more care with matching my seams :)
My 4 x 7 time was spent on making a thread catcher/pin cushion.  It is sweet!  I love it :)  I used two steel wool scrubbies my sister picked up at the grocery store inside the pin cushion and glass stones from the dollar store instead of a 3 x 6 ceramic tile as weight to keep it on the table/desk top.  And I didn't use the boning around the rim.  Other than that, I mostly followed the pattern ;)
6 Sous Chef Daisy & 6 Master Chef Beryl
English Manor

Toes In The Sand

Curves (and not well matched seams)

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