Friday, February 27, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes - February

For February I chose In The Forest, post #35 in the Link Up at Bitter Sweet Designs.  I've used it as part of my February  4x7 Challenge at Berry Barn Designs as well, especially this past week, as the end of February loomed and my 'fun room' hasn't been calling as loudly.

It was an Autumn project that I got the Fabric for then just seemed to keep putting it on the back burner, until now.  It's done and will look lovely on my bed next Autumn :)  I'm 2 for 2 with the ALYoF Challenge :)

I used some of the decorative stitches on my machine in the orange and putty boarders and straight stitches on both sides of the seams for the rest.

A simple pieced backing... I'm still struggling with using solids :)  In this project I used Kona Putty. It shows the quilting very nicely :)

Linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes at Bitter Sweet Designs.  Pop over and check out some of the lovely finishes for February :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Feb 25 - WiPs and Let's Bee Social

The last week of February and lots of things are getting worked on in my Fun Room.  I finished the top of  English Manor, the backing is in planning mode.  I had originally planned to take the top to England with me and finish it there... Downton Abbey being a British creation and all, but I'm waffling and think it might get used more if I leave it home.  Space in my suitcase might be the deciding factor.  Either way, it won't get quilted anytime soon.

I've been working on my In The Forest bed runner, the end of February deadline is looming if I'm to fulfill my Lovely Year of Finishes challenge for this month.  Not a lot left to do, maybe a few more lines of quilting and the binding and it will be finished.

This weeks block for Lorna's  Elephants on Parade QAL turned out so sweet.  As have all of the blocks so far.

I'm all caught up with my February BOMs, QALs, ROMs so pinned them to my design wall to admire for the rest of the month :)

I started working on Fox Kits, a sweet sweet sweet little quilt that I first saw at chezzetcook modern quilts.  I absolutely fell in love with Adrienne's finished creation so followed the links, bought the pattern and hit my stash.  Once I got started I just seemed to keep on, the pattern is awesome, another Lorna treasure at  Sew Fresh Quilts. The top came together with no issues, obviously Lorna puts the time into testing her patterns, for which I am grateful.  I found some cute forest animal fabric at Wal Mart a couple of weeks ago so will use that to make a backing.  I want to incorporate the name of the little guy this quilt is meant for on the back as well.  This will be an 'England' finish.

I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts and Let's Bee Social #61 at Sew Fresh Quilts.  Pop over to both and see what our quilty friends are creating this week :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Downton Abbey Mystery QAL

I finished piecing the top of my team Cora, English Manor quilt this morning.  57 blocks of various sizes over 6 weeks and it has been a wonderful journey from beginning to end.  The members of the Facebook Group where we've been sharing our progress have been so supportive, making it even more fun to share.  I would definitely Quilt Along with Ebony Love at LoveBug Studios  again :) Maybe next time I'll actually get the proper Andover Downton Abbey fabrics :)

With a little tweaking on the sides, this will easily fit a queen sized bed.  The quilting will be a challenge I'm sure, I've not yet quilted anything quite this big.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

4 X 7 Week #3

For Week #3 of Sarah's 4 X 7 Challenge at Berry Barn Designs I worked on two projects, a small table runner and a sewing machine cover.  The table runner is an on point pattern, something I've wanted to try.  I followed the directions for Kite's Tail ( under Blocks by Size 13 - 15 inch) at Quilt Blocks Galore .  Not sure where I'll use it yet, for now it's just hanging around in my sewing room.

I wanted my sewing machine cover to fit over the machine with the quilting table attached, so it's bigger than it really should be, lots of wasted space but it will be good as padding when I travel (hopefully to a MMQG Sew In next week).  While reading my Brother manual, I found a stitch that is supposed to look like hand stitching so decided to use it.  I like it :)

You might notice a difference in my sewing desk between the two groups of pictures :)  I  finally sorted out my machine ledge and got the machine out of the desk drawer ;)  I attached a pine shelf to the back of the old desk, at the perfect height, and turned the desk around.  I got rid of the cobbled together side piece (it was held to the desk with duct tape) and the 2 x 4s that were hold the desk up and which I kicked just about every time I moved, jarring the whole thing.   I love the new set up :)  Lots of leg room and a nice big ledge for holding scissors, pins etc when I'm sewing :)  When I quilt I can slide the machine up tight against the side table which gives me lots of weight support for big projects.

Linking up with the  4 x 7 Sewing Challenge

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


2015 has been all about Block/Row of The Months and Quilt Alongs for me.  It's a way to work on my piecing skills and not get bored as sometimes happens when doing the same block/pattern over and over.  My fun room is cluttered with various labeled  bins, baskets and plastic zip bags but most of the time I can find what I'm working on.  Most new blocks are revealed at the beginning of the month, two are weekly (revealed Mondays) and two are revealed on the 15th of the Month.

Two blocks from earlier in the month:

Moccasin Block #2
gen X quilters

Vacation Block #2 - Toes In The Sand
Pat Sloan at Free Quilt Patterns
I decided not to do Pile O' Fabrics Skill Building BOM 2015, the prep work alone had me in fits and with my upcoming trip to England/Spain/Croatia,  taking on something that complicated wasn't in the best interest of my sanity.  Instead, I decided to use the fabrics already gathered on another BOM.

Galaxy of Stars Block #1
Debby Kratovil Quilts

Galaxy of Stars Block #2
Debby Kratovil Quilts

 I worked on this week's block and row yesterday and this morning, which catches me up on all of my monthlies :)

Snapshots Block #2 - Sew On and Sew On
Fat Quarter Shop

By The Bay Row #5 - Fish
Fun Threads
All 57 blocks of the English Manor Quilt Along are done and pinned (in groups) to my design wall.  I'm still mulling over the layout and need to put the names on at least one of each group of blocks.

 And this week, while nosing around in Jenn's link up at Quarter Inch From the Edge I found a new Quilt Along, Elephants on Parade.  I'm not doing ALL of the blocks, and I have no idea what I'll make out of the ones I do make, but they are so cute I know I'll find a place for them :)  The link is on my sidebar.

Elephants On Parade - Week #1 Large Elephants
Sew Fresh Quilts

Elephants On Parade - Week #2 Small Elephants
Sew Fresh Quilts

Elephants On Parade - Week #3 Frog
Sew Fresh Quilts

That's me caught up with this month's quilty fun, what ever will I do with the rest of February???

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I love Kona ... huh?

I love the colors... I'm just not keen on working with solids BUT it's a link up hosted by Jenn at A Quarter Inch From The Edge  and a chance to see what others are doing with their solids and who knows what other wonderful things are around the corner.  I took a cyber trip over to the Palette Builder at Play Crafts, thanks for that Jenn!  And my results:
Boscastle, Cornwall England

Clovelly, Cornwall England


Dingle Beach, Halifax Nova Scotia
Don't ask me to name the colors, but I do LOVE them!

Linking up with Jenn's 'I Love Kona' at A Quarter Inch From the Edge

4 x 7 Week 2

For week two of the 4 x 7 Challenge  put out by Sarah at  Berry Barn Design I decided to slow down and time my 30 minutes a day.  Not exactly, because to be honest, once I sit down at the machine I lose track of time.  But I did spread the 'ME' sewing out over the whole week and only finished two (well, three if you count the In The Forest cushions separately).

First up is the February Mini Quilt,  I used the left over scraps from Kate's Squares (or Frustration x5), the October Mystery Quilt I did last year.  I'm not so sure 'Mini Quilts' are a favorite, the two I've done so far this year were a little on the frustrating side, especially this one.  All those little half square triangle units... all those seams... all those corners snagging up.  But it is pretty and looks nice under my TV and now that it's done I guess I'll at least check out March's Mini Quilt at Connecting Thread's  Quilt With Us .

My second 'ME' finish for week 2 is the In The Forest cushions for my bed.  I've had the material and have been wanting to get a bed set done since October.  I'm sort of marking off two ticks with this one as it's part of my February 'A Lovely Year of Finishes' as well as the 4 x 7 Challenge.  I just did an envelope back and was a little shy with the overlap, but for bed cushions it will be fine.  Lots of wavy lines (in both projects), I'm really liking that stitch but will have to try something else for week 3 :)  I did do a line of fancy stitch on the back of each cushion... upside down as it happens.  I love this learning as I quilt :)

That's my week 2, and again it has been great.  Thank you so much Sarah for hosting this challenge!

                                                   Berry Barn Designs 4 x 7 Challenge

Saturday, February 7, 2015

4 x 7 Saturday Link Up

My 'me' time sewing has been spent working on little projects for my sewing room and my upcoming Croatian Cruise.  I didn't set a timer each time, so ended up spending more than 30 minutes a day on some of them... well, all of them really.  LOL  I've already blogged/bragged about three of them (Timely Tote, Thread Catcher and Divided Basket)  so I'll only add one picture for each of those to this post.  My 4th 4x7 project was to finish my Zig Zag Heart table runner.  I pieced it last summer when I was in England and somehow it got tucked away in my orphan block bin when I came home.  The plan was to finish it for the little table in front of the window in my sewing room, but it looks so nice on the dining room table that it's living there, at least for the rest of Heart Month :)  I also made a little runner for my sewing table.  I would say Week 1 of the 4x7 Challenge was awesome in my little sewing room.  Off to read what everyone else has been doing :)
Timely Tote

Thread Catcher

Divided Basket

Zig Zag Heart Runner

Small Runner

Linking up with Berry Barn Designs