Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Loud, Practical, Canadian

My WiP is also a finish... and this is the second time I posted it (or something similar), the first time being in the wrong blog.  Good grief... :)  
I loved the Oh Canada fabrics so much I used them all, which made for a very loud tote.  I opted for straps (with should pads) instead of handles, but they still wrap around the bag, giving extra support for the bottom.  Lots of deep outside pockets for reading material, my iPad and whatever else I might need on my long flights across the pond, and a zippered inside pocket for small things and my wallet/passport.  Loads of room inside for my neck pillow, socks, sweets, etc.  I tend to be a light packer so there should be no problem fitting it under the seat in front of me, which means no jockeying for space in the overhead compartments and NO fretting the entire flight.
Inside Pocket


Shoulder Pads

Zip Top





Ruby Approved


  1. I like the zipper top... I've never done one like that. You're all set for your next trip across the pond. Just make sure Ruby's not in there... I think it would cause some troubles at security and/or customs. :)

    1. The zipper top is supposed to drop down into the bag when not used, but I think I must have done something wrong because it doesn't. LOL I have a tendency to 'think' I know how to do something and then not follow the directions ;)

  2. Great bag. I, too, like the zipper top. Ruby is cute.

    1. Easy way to add a zipper top if you don't mind binding. I think it may have been a bit easier on the bigger tote than a smaller one. I had to trim it on the corners and by the time I realized that I had it pinned and was too lazy/impatient to unpin it, so my ends aren't shaped the same ;)


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