Saturday, January 31, 2015

January's 'A Lovely Year of Finishes' Goal and Finish

My January project for "A Lovely Year of Finishes", hosted by both 'Fiber of All Sorts' and 'Sew BitterSweet Designs' was to finally quilt and bind 'Snowed Inn' .  My goal post is #147 and if I can figure it out, I'll link this post in the 'finishes' ...   Snowed Inn has been fun from start to finish, I love the fabrics, Snowed Inn (hence the name),  from Connecting Threads.  The block patterns are from the Wishes Quilt Along at the Fat Quarter Shop and came together wonderfully.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WiP 28/01/2015

My biggest Work in Progress this week is finally the quilting on Snowed Inn.  It's the last of my quilts from 2014 and also my January project for 'A Year of Lovely Finishes', so I'd like to get it finished by Saturday :)  I got a good start on it this morning, so looking like I'll make my deadline :)
As usual, I went at it without much direction in mind, just straight line quilting.  Medium blue, pink or light blue???   I really wanted to go with white or cream, but didn't have any so went with the light blue.  

I also got this weeks' English Manor blocks done.  Eight 6 1/2" Thomas' Clock blocks and Eight 6 1/2" John's Loyalty blocks.  Very straight forward blocks.

Thomas' Clock

John's Loyalty

Sunday, January 25, 2015

On Track with English Manor

The blocks for the first 3 weeks of the Downton Abbey 'English Manor' Mystery Quilt Along  are done and dusted :)  There were a lot of triangles cut and sewn!  But the blocks came together nicely with only the odd glitch (wrongly rotated units) but I think I got them sorted.
Manor House - 1 20"x 20" Block

Lady's Tiara - (2) 12"x 12" Blocks

Earl's Pipe - (2) 12" x 12" Blocks

Anna's Affection - (4) 12" x 12" Blocks

Sarah's Daring - (4) 12" x 12" Blocks

Floor Lay Out (No clue if this is how they go in the finished quilt)

Pinned to the Design Board
I'm all caught up with my BOMs and Quilt Alongs and I'm NOT looking at any others!  LOL  Well, maybe one to replace the Technicolor Galaxy one because the more information I get on it the less I'm liking it.  Not the quilt itself, but the fuss and rigmarole to go through to get to the finish.  I'll see what the first block's directions are like and then decide.    

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WiPs Jan 21, 2015

Boredom sends me off on tangents, and this year so far seems to be all about BOMs and Quilt Alongs.  This week I've been working on the Snap Shots Quilt Along at Fat Quarter Shop.  No palette for this one as I plan to use whatever is on my shelves, with white on white prints for the background. January's block is Let Them Eat Cake, straight forward and quick to put together.

I also finished January's Row of The Month for By The Bay at Fun Threads.  If I'm honest, I'd have to say I'm a little disappointed with this being considered a Row of the Month and I'm sure glad I downloaded the pattern while it was still free :)  I think I would have been annoyed had I paid $2 for it.

That boredom thing I spoke about... well it lead me to yet another Quilt Along... this one is a Mystery Quilt Along at Love Bug Studios that started on January 4, with a new clue/story and pattern revealed every week until February 8.  It was the name that caught me :)  Downton Abbey's English Manor and while I really wanted to use official Downton Abbey fabrics, I figured it would be almost over before the fabrics arrived and then I would have been rushing to finish it before I leave for England, so, I made a trip to Fabricville yesterday and with some help from one of the ladies chose a palette, trying to keep as close to the colors as possible.  I struggle with choosing fabrics for a project, doing so for a 'mystery' quilt is quite mind boggling.  I cut the pieces for the first three weeks and now I can start sewing.

Manor House - 1 Block 20" x 20"

Aristocracy Medley - Lady's Tiara (2 - 12x12" Blocks) and Earl's Pipe (2- 12x12: Blocks)

Confidante Medley - Anna's Affection (4 12x12" Blocks) and Sarah's Daring (4 12x12" Blocks)

Monday, January 19, 2015

By The Bay Row of The Month

This RoM started in October and I've been downloading the patterns each month, fully intending to get at it and this weekend I finally printed them out and pulled fabrics from my shelves.  There doesn't seem to be any kind of  'join in' place where we share our progress, at least I can't find a link to anything other than the patterns and there isn't any chatter on the blog but so far I'm enjoying the process :)
October's row was Mountains, basic triangle blocks.  The blocks went together quickly.
November's row was the Sun.  It's a ~~~gulp~~~ paper pieced row (except for the four square blocks on either end.  Paper piecing is NOT my favorite thing to do and this one had me in fits at first with not only angles but angles on a curve.  I kept getting confused as to which way to lay the pieces and ended up picking out a lot of seams at the beginning.  I did eventually get into a rhythm, and while still slow going at least no do overs.  I love the end result... but the row is a little shorter than the others so will need some creativity when it comes time to join them together :)
December's row was boats.  Lots and lots of half square triangle units trimmed down to 2 1/2 inch squares.  Trimming is another non favorite thing, but I got them done and I love the orange and yellow boats, they make me smile :)
January's row is ocean waves.  I haven't gotten to it yet :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Loud, Practical, Canadian

My WiP is also a finish... and this is the second time I posted it (or something similar), the first time being in the wrong blog.  Good grief... :)  
I loved the Oh Canada fabrics so much I used them all, which made for a very loud tote.  I opted for straps (with should pads) instead of handles, but they still wrap around the bag, giving extra support for the bottom.  Lots of deep outside pockets for reading material, my iPad and whatever else I might need on my long flights across the pond, and a zippered inside pocket for small things and my wallet/passport.  Loads of room inside for my neck pillow, socks, sweets, etc.  I tend to be a light packer so there should be no problem fitting it under the seat in front of me, which means no jockeying for space in the overhead compartments and NO fretting the entire flight.
Inside Pocket


Shoulder Pads

Zip Top





Ruby Approved

Friday, January 9, 2015

Jan 9 Friday Finish

A quick project, but a finish none the less.  The prints are from the Mary Jo's Sewing Room line at  Connecting Threads.  No pattern used, I just had an ugly bit of wall I wanted to cover so made a wall organizer to fit.  The pockets are a bit deep but I'm sure I'll fill them up soon enough.  It will be easy to clip my 'working on' pattern to it, keeping it nice and handy when I'm sewing.

I received two squishy parcels today.  One of them being from Mad About Patchwork with an order I had placed on Tuesday, three days is pretty darn good, free shipping is awesome :)  Inside? Wonderful fabrics of course!  Some of which is Annali Twigs/Meadow/Arches and Teal Floral which I will use for the Pat Sloan 2015 Vacation BOM, my third and final BOM for this year... I'm almost certain.

And Horizon/Ocean, which I will use in a quilt for Dave and I, but not until after our cruise in May.  These lovelies will be going across the pond with me :)

The second parcel, from Sew Sisters (ordered Dec 26) included some Stonehenge Oh Canada prints, which I'll use to make  my Quilted Traveler's Tote, a full size one this time :)