Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Finishes :)

Is there a better way to spend a Monday than sewing???  I think not :)  I did manage some time with the dogs and cooked supper (beef stew in the slow cooker and fresh baked bread rolls) but the bulk of the day was spent in the fun room.

My first finish is Beau Nova.  It was the Craftsy November Mystery quilt which ended up being a bed runner.  Not as long as the first one I made, but wider.  Still quilting without a walking foot, so there are a few wrinkles sewn in but that's the way my quilting goes :)

Ready to add the binding.

 My second finish today is the dog blank.  I found a piece of blanket fleece in the remnants bin at Fabricville which worked perfectly for a backing.  For the dogs, it will be the side they'll use most I'm sure.

Painter's Tape is wonderful :)


Back (part of it anyway)
That's all of my Christmas gifts done, now I can really play :)  I picked up the backing for Wishes/Snowed Inn so it's in the to do pile, along with Crazy For Red/Magical Blocks and Snow, which I am 4 months behind on.  I finally got the fabric for that on the weekend.  And the Snowman wall hanging needs eyes.  Looks kind of lonely on my design wall, I'll have to  sort that out...

Snowed Inn

Crazy For Red


Eyeless Snowman
There are other projects, my sister's beach bag is still waiting for me to find the right pattern out of the gazillion I have,  the final instructions for Pile o Fabric's BOM For The Love of Sewing are up so I should get that done, plus the two 'extras' (craft apron and sewing machine cover) and I just got a Noodlehead pattern for a sectioned basket I'd like to try and and and...  This quilting lark has definitely taken over :)

I hope your Monday was a good one :)


  1. You have been busy. I sewed yesterday as well -- love a vacation day. I like the size of your bed runner. A runner is on my to-do list.

  2. Do you have enough finishes yet to open a quilt shop? Good work.

  3. I like doing runners, I can work on my quilting skills without getting bogged down with a full size quilt. They don't take up much space and add a little touch of home made to a room.
    Tee Hee Dave, NO would be the answer to that ;) I'm keeping it fun with no pressures attached, for the most part anyway.

  4. You're a going concern! Your finishes are making me long for time in the studio! :) Great work!

  5. You'll get there Jenn, eventually :) The changes in your world at the moment are huge, wonderful and time consuming!


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