Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WIPs For 26/11

Keeping busy in the fun room :)   I've got Trifle Dish sandwiched and ready for quilting.  It's probably my biggest project to date and my walking foot is jumping so I'm a little hesitant to start.

Beau Nova is coming together nicely, the blocks are big!  Quite a bit bigger than I expected but great for showing the wonderful Kaufman fabrics.  I made all 12 blocks, but only need 5 for the bed runner.  The rest I'll use to make some cushion covers or pillow shams or both.  

The Monkey Baby Quilt is off the design wall and getting finished.  I did the backing this morning and most of the quilting.  Just a few more diagonal lines to make sure the backing is secure and then I'll get the binding done.

The Yorkies is sandwiched, the binding cut and pieced and is ready to come off the design wall and thru the sewing machine.  I think I can quilt it without the walking foot...

My new acquisition :)  I would never have thought I would be happy about an iron, but  I am!  My little cheapy one took another tumble off the ironing board the other day so I replaced it with this heavier Shark.  Wow, what a difference a good iron can make :)  It has a wide base so it will take quite a knock to topple it.  The red chrome look makes me smile :)

And lastly, this came in the mail today :)  It's official, I'm a Member!  When I get the coding for the MMQG button I'll add it to the sidebar.


  1. Those beau nova blocks are really pretty! And love the swank new iron. I got a new one this year and I still wink at it:)

  2. Turn down the music and maybe your walking foot won't jump as much!!

  3. Welcome to MMQG. You have been busy. Can't wait to see the finished products. D.Trott has been keeping us amused on Facebook, and now here as well. :)

  4. Funny how ironing was always a chore, unless I was sewing.
    Turn down the music???!!!! Never! Well, maybe when the rest of the house goes to bed ;)
    My big brother is awesome isn't he :)


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