Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rain Day Sunday

What to do on a rainy, blah Sunday morning... no limit to my 'should do/could do' list and I won't mention my UFOs, In the Planning stages, or the 'oh yeah, I forgot about thats'.  I am so blessed to have options and the opportunities to enjoy several obsessions... most of which intermingle.  My folder of patterns is bulging and getting more and more difficult to navigate, still, gotta love computers, I'd be buried under a pile of unmanageable paper otherwise :)...  Getting my thoughts back to my Sunday morning...  Awake and thinking about 'Blue Cows' at 6:30ish and up changing kitchen clocks at 7:29, don't you love it when the clocks go back?!  Toast and peanut butter for breakfast and than off to the fun room to baste Blue Cows.  Well, actually the upstairs hall because no way was I fitting the runner on the floor in my sewing room.

While I was in basting mode I got my Christmas Runner done too... well, almost, I ran out of spray with about two feet left to go.  ~~~eyeroll~~~  Tip #147 make sure you have enough spray/material/thread...

The bindings for both are cut, joined and pinned to the design wall ready to go.

I would have gotten Miss Kate's Turnover (which isn't anything like the Turnover pattern I was following but that's been yapped about enough) basted had I not run out of Spray baste ;)  But, it's ready for when I get more... at Wal Mart because it's  cheaper than at Fabricville, even with my discount.  I went with a white (not 'the' white, because that got wasted during my frustrations of creating the circles, but again,  that's been yapped about enough).  I went on the hunt for a blue or lime green but  couldn't find a good match.  By 'hunt' I mean to Fabricville.  I made good use of my 'scrap bins', don't you think (they are holding my Miss Kate display for a picture opp).

Yesterday I spent some time reorganizing the sewing room, before sitting down at the machine and sewing the Miss Kate blocks together.  Eventually I'll get it set up to suit, I figure the week before I return to England :)

Design Wall 1

Design Wall 2

Stash  Holder 1

Stash Holder 2  (and Computer holder when the cutting table/desk is in use)

Cutting Table/Desk
And now it's what to do with the rest of my Sunday... blog  :)

My rigged up sewing table... gotta love old pine desks, they are so sturdy and adaptable.  Actually it's two tables... the desk (my sewing machine sits nicely in the drawer, with two by fours holding it up) and an old sewing cabinet (wheels removed so it won't roll away).  


  1. Nothing better to do but sew on a rainy day. I was cutting fabric earlier but am now dealing with much avoided paperwork that must be done today. Can't wait to see all the finished projects. They look good here.

    1. I have no lack of excuses to sew, but rainy days are great for it :) I managed to get most of the Blue Cows runner quilted. I'll finish it tomorrow because the rest of the house has gone to bed and I wouldn't want to disturb them.

  2. You were busy, busy, busy! So much spray basting... Michael's also a good bet for spray baste (if you use your 40% off coupon!)

    1. I'm determined to get my 'to finish' basket empty before I dive into the 'in planning' projects. I also HAVE to stop buying magazines and looking at patterns. This obsession is taking over LOL I'm becoming the unsocial lady in the attic ;)

      I love spray basting, it hasn't failed me yet, even with poly batting, which I'm quickly finding I don't love. Funny how the more we quilt, the more our preferences change. Thanks again for reminding me how much enjoyment I get from fabrics and drawing my attention to quilting ((((Jenn)))).


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