Friday, November 7, 2014

Miss Kate's Squares :)

Finish #3 this week is Miss Kate's Turnover/Squares.  The nightmare is over and I can live with the end result, especially as it will only be until Christmas, when it will live elsewhere.  What a month of frustrations getting this one done!  LOL But it's all been blogged about before and I'm a happy camper now that it's done.  The fabrics are still stunning and I love the backing.   I quilted in the ditch of every square and then did diagonals both ways, EXCEPT in the center square, where I only quilted in the ditch between the squares and around the white border.
Center White Square 
Sewing The Diagonals  
Pinning the Binding

Backing Folded over

Ruby and Max


  1. Phew! That's a lot of quilting! Even if this one was a source of frustration, it turned out very nicely. Those fabrics are lovely.
    And we need to get you some Wonderclips for your binding! :)

  2. Great finish!! That was a lot of quilting, but it looks great.

  3. Thanks ladies :) It's a finish I wasn't sure would happen, more than once.


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