Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Finishes 28/11

Three finishes this week.  The dogs' Christmas Stockings were a quick finish.  Their names on the top band aren't big enough but they can't read anyway so no problems :)

Ruby, Lucy & Max
The Monkey Baby Quilt toned down a tiny bit by adding the blue strips.  Because it was a quilt as you go project, I couldn't really make them any bigger without complicating the process.  One inch strips allow the 1/4 inch seam to bulk up the join so the quilt stays flat.  For the back I used strips of fabrics used in the front.  

The Yorkie quilt has some quilted wrinkles, but I'm thinking they won't mind :)  My walking foot is still giving me grief so I didn't bother to put it on.  I maybe should have, as I used poly batting for this one and it was thicker, so maybe the foot wouldn't have jumped.  Hindsight is always so much clearer.  This one was my first design and sew, the little dogs I created in Electric Quilt 7 and printed the patterns.  Not professional looking, but worked for my needs.  The back is pieced (the dog print was quite large enough) and definitely not straight, but again, I don't think the little yorkies will mind.


  1. The dogs and monkey babies will all be pleased with these finishes.

  2. What great finishes. Love the pieced backs.


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