Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Monday Finish

Posting about a Monday finish on a Tuesday... I just love blogging :)  My first, truly 'Both Sides of The Pond' finish.  I've blogged about it before, back in May,  when I first started it and I'm sure several times since than... but this one actually got it's beginnings in 1992, though at the time I never dreamed that the blue cow material I purchased to make shorts for my oldest daughter would end up being used as the focus fabric of a bed runner.  When I found it in a box of stuff stored in my basement last March, shortly after taking up this quilting lark, I knew I had to use it.  It got packed in my suitcase, traveled with me to England, got wet along with all my clothes thanks to shoddy Air Canada handling and became the 'gotta use it in this one!' when I came across the Craftsy BOM 2013. All the other fabrics in the top were purchased in England, some online and some at Rose's Crafts in Midsomer Norton.  The finished top was packed into my suitcase and traveled back to Canada with me in September.  The backing and batting was purchased here and yesterday I was doing the happy dance all over the house because the finishing went perfectly!  Not a single glitch in the sewing and I love love love the finished results... I was even dancing around with it last night on skype :)  I put it on my bed for a pic, but that's not where it will live

I didn't pre iron the binding and attached it back to front, something I've been wanting to try and decided this was the project to give it a whirl.  What fantastic results!  Every corner  is crisp and perfect and my walking foot made sewing the binding on sooooo easy.  I love my little Brother machine and walking foot!

Sewing the binding onto the back, no pins, no ironing :)

Attached and ready for ironing back to front (and the hem)

Sewing the binding onto the front... pinned this time :)

Back corner... and the one little 'oops' I missed quilting a section ;)

Front Corner :)

In case you might not have been able to tell, I am tickled pink with this one! :)  I also won't be sharing this post on Facebook. Lee-Ellen, if you read here... 'Merry Christmas, I love you to bits!'


  1. Great finish!! And I, too, sew my binding to the back and then machine sew to the front. Who has the time to hand quilt a binding????

    1. I do very little hand sewing, my eyes just don't work well enough :) Not to mention I would get bored way too quickly. I had been machine stitching all along, but always end up with a messy look on the front. This way, any stitches that miss the ditch or binding are on the back, where I can certainly live with them ;)

  2. Looks great! Isn't it satisfying to have a finish where you love how everything turned out?


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