Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Finishes 28/11

Three finishes this week.  The dogs' Christmas Stockings were a quick finish.  Their names on the top band aren't big enough but they can't read anyway so no problems :)

Ruby, Lucy & Max
The Monkey Baby Quilt toned down a tiny bit by adding the blue strips.  Because it was a quilt as you go project, I couldn't really make them any bigger without complicating the process.  One inch strips allow the 1/4 inch seam to bulk up the join so the quilt stays flat.  For the back I used strips of fabrics used in the front.  

The Yorkie quilt has some quilted wrinkles, but I'm thinking they won't mind :)  My walking foot is still giving me grief so I didn't bother to put it on.  I maybe should have, as I used poly batting for this one and it was thicker, so maybe the foot wouldn't have jumped.  Hindsight is always so much clearer.  This one was my first design and sew, the little dogs I created in Electric Quilt 7 and printed the patterns.  Not professional looking, but worked for my needs.  The back is pieced (the dog print was quite large enough) and definitely not straight, but again, I don't think the little yorkies will mind.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WIPs For 26/11

Keeping busy in the fun room :)   I've got Trifle Dish sandwiched and ready for quilting.  It's probably my biggest project to date and my walking foot is jumping so I'm a little hesitant to start.

Beau Nova is coming together nicely, the blocks are big!  Quite a bit bigger than I expected but great for showing the wonderful Kaufman fabrics.  I made all 12 blocks, but only need 5 for the bed runner.  The rest I'll use to make some cushion covers or pillow shams or both.  

The Monkey Baby Quilt is off the design wall and getting finished.  I did the backing this morning and most of the quilting.  Just a few more diagonal lines to make sure the backing is secure and then I'll get the binding done.

The Yorkies is sandwiched, the binding cut and pieced and is ready to come off the design wall and thru the sewing machine.  I think I can quilt it without the walking foot...

My new acquisition :)  I would never have thought I would be happy about an iron, but  I am!  My little cheapy one took another tumble off the ironing board the other day so I replaced it with this heavier Shark.  Wow, what a difference a good iron can make :)  It has a wide base so it will take quite a knock to topple it.  The red chrome look makes me smile :)

And lastly, this came in the mail today :)  It's official, I'm a Member!  When I get the coding for the MMQG button I'll add it to the sidebar.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WIPs 19/11

I have a few WIPs jostling for attention this week.  First thru the sewing machine was the last block in the For The Love of Sewing BOM.  Another freakin' paper pieced block.  Three in a row is a bit much for my liking, but I got er done.  The first half I struggled along with the paper piecing, the second half I switched to simple piece work.  One 'yuck' part (the left corner pieces didn't match up), but I don't care, it's done and it ain't getting redone.  I have it sandwiched and pinned on one of my design walls waiting to be quilted.

Project number two is a Yorkie quilt for my cousin, only one block with a yorkie on it so far, but at least one more is planned, maybe two if I boot up my Electric Quilt 7 program.  The blocks are done and the border is in the planning stages.  I shifted the BOM block over and pinned the yorkie blocks up while I make the final decisions.

Beau Nova is slow going, but I'm making progress.  The cutting is done, the HSTs are sewn (all 288 of them) and half of them are pressed.  I'll finish the pressing tonight, while watching Blue Bloods and then it will be on to the trimming, my least favorite part of making HSTs.

The monkey quilt blocks are finished, trimmed and pinned to the second design wall while I figure out how the heck I'm going to put the quilt together.  It's meant to be a small one, but... I think it's going to need a border or two.

And finally the Christmas Stockings for the dogs.  Pretty simple project, I quilted the fabric (a fat quarter for each one) then cut out the shape.  I used another fat quarter (not quilted) for the top band and used my alpha feature to do their names on the band.  They sort of look like stockings  LOL   I had to take my quilting table off my machine to sew the bands on because I needed the free arm, so there I was sewing in the desk drawer.  I think it's time to design and build my sewing unit, now that I know what I want.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Two Friday Finishes :)

First up is the Wheel Chair lap quilt for D's mom.  It was an easy sew, just squares and half square units, plus I had used the pattern before for Penny's Purple Quilt.  It's smaller by design and should work perfectly to keep her legs warm when she's out and about in her wheels :)

And my second finish is the Christmas Table Top.  I blogged about it on Wednesday, so I won't drone on about it too much here.  The elastic I used was small and gave me some grief plus I miss calculated the size... I may get some wider elastic and redo the elastic casing.  It works as is, but just barely.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More Additions to the WIP list

Beau Nova (November Mystery Quilt) made it to the ironing board and is now ready for the cutting table.  Except the background piece, there is some confusion in my mind as to how to cut it so I have to re read the Workshop instructions.

Green Monkey (Quilting In The Rain QAYG) has stalled a bit, the four squares I've managed are on the design wall, the strips and squares are ready and waiting.  I won't be doing the 5 squares a week over 4 weeks, that's for sure.  It's already week 4 :)  I don't need that many blocks anyway as I'm only making a baby quilt.  It'll get done.  It's meant to be a 'stay at D's' for when his grandson visits, so will be travelling across the pond on my next trip :)

The dogs' christmas stockings are sandwiched and waiting to be quilted and cut out.  The name fabric (dog paws) has the heat and bond on, ready for cutting out the letters.

The Christmas Table Top (it's actually going to be a fitted table cloth) is sandwiched and waiting to be quilted.  I love it already :)  It is also a Gen X Quilters BOM, Vice Versa, which I almost followed completely.  I didn't do the August block and my two blocks a month are done in only two prints.  Oh, and I didn't do the September block either.  The center block and the outer blocks are my own design, making it work for my needs :)

The Wheelchair quilt for D's mother is sandwiched and ready for quilting.  I kind of made this one a priority this week as I'd like to get it finished and mailed off to Cambridge.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Miss Kate's Squares :)

Finish #3 this week is Miss Kate's Turnover/Squares.  The nightmare is over and I can live with the end result, especially as it will only be until Christmas, when it will live elsewhere.  What a month of frustrations getting this one done!  LOL But it's all been blogged about before and I'm a happy camper now that it's done.  The fabrics are still stunning and I love the backing.   I quilted in the ditch of every square and then did diagonals both ways, EXCEPT in the center square, where I only quilted in the ditch between the squares and around the white border.
Center White Square 
Sewing The Diagonals  
Pinning the Binding

Backing Folded over

Ruby and Max