Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Not much posting, but still lots of time in the 'fun' room :)  Here are some of my WIPs, one of which is only binding away from being finished :)

The blue bed runner is all quilted, as of 10 minutes ago.  Just the binding to cut, iron and apply.

Mostly straight line with a decorative one.  Love the walking foot :)

The blue cows runner is up next for quilting, the backing and binding are ready.

I'm making steady progress on 'Kate's Turnover', still struggling to keep the many many many pieces in order and right way round while piecing.  Block #3 only had one 'rip out'.  A big improvement over the first two :)

And finally, some cutting on the Christmas table runner/placemats.  Block #1 of Vice Versa is ready to sew (actually, two blocks).

No link ups, I still haven't sorted out how to do that :)


  1. Love your projects and that decorative stitch.

    1. Thanks Anja :) I haven't explored many of the stitches on my machine yet, but that one works well with my walking foot.

  2. Kathy, you sure have found something that keeps you sane and turns out beautiful, LOL I can't imagine all that cutting, sorting out and sewing. After hemming a pair of pants on the sewing machine I have had enough:-0)

    1. I love it Jo, all the stages. The cutting takes concentration so I usually like doing that when it's quiet. The sewing and quilting I can do with the radio or tv on. I like having two or three things to work on, helps to keep it fresh and fun :) I break it up by taking pictures to post here and at Tidbits and Facebook. And then there are all the great blogs to nose around in. Sure makes the time go by :)


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