Friday, October 31, 2014

More Time in the Fun Room

I got some sewing time in over the last couple of days and managed to get some BOM 2014 blocks finished.

No glue, I used heat and bond to apply the ribbons. I know... it's supposed to be a 'learn new techniques' BOM, but I figured if it ain't fun, I ain't gonna get er done;  I used some fancy stitches on the ribbons, then used straight line stitching, kind of echoing around the ribbons, using my foot...



The book shelf was fun. Again,  I didn't use the glue method, too much fussing for me.  I used my iron to turn in a small hem and sewed the books down.  I don't save salvages, so didn't have enough for my 'book titles', but I can add some as I get them.  I'm pretty sure there is one or two in the packages that arrived in the mail this week ;)

Paper piecing... what can I say about paper piecing???  Not a favorite technique, that's for sure.  I really struggled with flipping back and forth, working from the back, building the block backwards to the pattern and those ding dang angle pieces had me walking away from the sewing machine on more than one occasion.  The iron was a nightmare, and what the heck was I thinking with my fabric choice... it hasn't been quilted yet... it may be a redo ;)  I'm ok with the sewing machine, the little 'why didn't that match up' moments are hardly noticable.

All I can do is shake my head... orange??? 


  1. You did a great job! I love the orange. If you need selvedges, I can give you some, and I know Jenn has lots. LOL The quilting is awesome in your blocks.

  2. Thank you :) I received some lovely fabrics in the mail this week, I'm pretty sure there will be some selvages in them I can use. Or I could using my alpha stitches and sew a title. I finished the Iron block this evening, so I am officially up to date with 'For The Love of Sewing' BOM 2014 ~~~does the happy dance~~~

  3. You're making great progress! I've yet to touch the paper piecing blocks... I swore I was going to do everything just as the instructor directed instead of using techniques I already knew. But her PP method just seems so fiddly to me... maybe I'll take it on tomorrow! Isn't it kind of Anja to offer my selvages? You know, she has a collection as well and doesn't live far from me! :)


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