Sunday, October 26, 2014

Frustration x5

The October Mystery Quilt, Kate's Turnover, has turned into a nightmare!  I've been waking up with the darn thing on my mind and I'm so frustrated with the Craftsy Workshop platform and that particular pattern I could scream!  The fabrics are delightful, I have no complaints there.  The pattern is not one I would have chosen to do, and had I seen it before I purchased the Workshop I would have given it a miss.  However, I trudged on.  I was well into the construction of the blocks before I read on the site that the small white corner square was the wrong size in the instructions... errrrrrggggggg.  But, I'm not a perfectionist so I continued on, even though none of the white 'circle' bits were matching up.  Not only because of the small white squares (they make up the corner block on all 9 of the blocks and are crucial to making the circle appear rounded) but also those half rectangle blocks.  There was some confusion as to what their finished size should have been.  Basically, I don't think this pattern was properly tested before the Workshop was offered.

When I had the blocks done I set about trimming them.  Good grief, not one block was the right size unfinished and no amount of trimming was going to make them work.  I tried trimming them back to 1/2 inch of the white circle, then added strips of white higgly piggly until I had them 18 1/2 inches.  OMG UGLY!  I put them on my design wall, where they didn't stay long enough to get a picture... I regret that now, but at the time I'm pretty sure I had smoke coming out of my ears.  I picked out all of the white and all of those damn half triangle units, used the rest of the lovely fat quarters (only about half of them are actually used in the pattern) and added rows to make the squares 18 inches.  No circles to be seen, but I'm ok with that at this point :)

A block I can live with :)   Well, 9 of them actually.

 Now I need some help.  My thought is to trim the middle block in the brown.  I have enough of the brown left, then add a brown border all around the outside.  I have it on my design wall and I'm thinking maybe a white border around the center might be better.  I don't really want to purchase the white, but I'm thinking that's got more to do with how frustrating this project has been... be honest, what do you think?  White or brown...
Center square

Most of the quilt (the top is folded down for size purposes ;)  Also, obviously the blue strip (binding) will be much narrower.

 Not exactly what it will look like finished, it's only pinned up.  The seams will hopefully match up ;)
The backing will be done in the brown/blue/white circle looking fabric.  Left to right, binding/border/backing.


  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. The blocks do look great. I think the blue for around the centre block and around the outside. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  2. Oh no! That sounds so frustrating! I think you should write to Craftsy and see what they'll offer you. If the pattern wasn't properly tested, they had you waste valuable time and fabric. If the choices for the borders are white or brown, I'd go with white. The brown doesn't seem to offer enough contrast for me. I think I'd also consider picking up a solid that coordinates with the navy or the lime green in your prints. It would really pop... more even than the white!

  3. Thanks for the input ladies :) I hadn't thought about navy, but I'm liking that idea. I was stuck on white because the circles in the original pattern are white, but since I've gone completely off pattern, may as well continue. V suggested the orange/red, but there is a fair bit of that in it already over several blocks.
    I have been thinking about emailing Craftsy, they have been great with another issue (a technical one not involved with any of the classes or products they offer). I don't like to fuss too much, but in this case...
    As a side note, it hasn't deterred me from ordering another Mystery Quilt Kit LOL November's is on it's way, along with the backing for this one. Fingers crossed the November Workshop goes smoother :)


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