Friday, October 31, 2014

More Time in the Fun Room

I got some sewing time in over the last couple of days and managed to get some BOM 2014 blocks finished.

No glue, I used heat and bond to apply the ribbons. I know... it's supposed to be a 'learn new techniques' BOM, but I figured if it ain't fun, I ain't gonna get er done;  I used some fancy stitches on the ribbons, then used straight line stitching, kind of echoing around the ribbons, using my foot...



The book shelf was fun. Again,  I didn't use the glue method, too much fussing for me.  I used my iron to turn in a small hem and sewed the books down.  I don't save salvages, so didn't have enough for my 'book titles', but I can add some as I get them.  I'm pretty sure there is one or two in the packages that arrived in the mail this week ;)

Paper piecing... what can I say about paper piecing???  Not a favorite technique, that's for sure.  I really struggled with flipping back and forth, working from the back, building the block backwards to the pattern and those ding dang angle pieces had me walking away from the sewing machine on more than one occasion.  The iron was a nightmare, and what the heck was I thinking with my fabric choice... it hasn't been quilted yet... it may be a redo ;)  I'm ok with the sewing machine, the little 'why didn't that match up' moments are hardly noticable.

All I can do is shake my head... orange??? 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Catch Up...

Since returning home in September I've been working on getting caught up with my Pile O Fabric 2014 BOM.  It had sort of gone cold for me, but I did bring the finished blocks 'across the pond' with me.  Except for the Scrap Jar, the little beggar must have scurried under some fabric ;)  Me being me, I was getting disinterested because of all the fussiness ...glue basting, painting starch on seams... not to mention that teeth grinding FMQ.  Soooooo, my blocks are constructed differently,  look a little more primitive, and some of the quilting is oogey (especially the scissors).  BUT... I'm getting them done and enjoying the process, so it's all good :)

England Scrap Jar

Canada Scrap Jar


Sewing Hoop

Rotary Cutter


Yesterday I got two more done and ready for quilting.

Book Shelf


Today I'm going to tackle paper piecing... I don't think I'm going to do the freezer paper procedure, to me that's double the work.  I may regret that  LOL ;)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Frustration x5

The October Mystery Quilt, Kate's Turnover, has turned into a nightmare!  I've been waking up with the darn thing on my mind and I'm so frustrated with the Craftsy Workshop platform and that particular pattern I could scream!  The fabrics are delightful, I have no complaints there.  The pattern is not one I would have chosen to do, and had I seen it before I purchased the Workshop I would have given it a miss.  However, I trudged on.  I was well into the construction of the blocks before I read on the site that the small white corner square was the wrong size in the instructions... errrrrrggggggg.  But, I'm not a perfectionist so I continued on, even though none of the white 'circle' bits were matching up.  Not only because of the small white squares (they make up the corner block on all 9 of the blocks and are crucial to making the circle appear rounded) but also those half rectangle blocks.  There was some confusion as to what their finished size should have been.  Basically, I don't think this pattern was properly tested before the Workshop was offered.

When I had the blocks done I set about trimming them.  Good grief, not one block was the right size unfinished and no amount of trimming was going to make them work.  I tried trimming them back to 1/2 inch of the white circle, then added strips of white higgly piggly until I had them 18 1/2 inches.  OMG UGLY!  I put them on my design wall, where they didn't stay long enough to get a picture... I regret that now, but at the time I'm pretty sure I had smoke coming out of my ears.  I picked out all of the white and all of those damn half triangle units, used the rest of the lovely fat quarters (only about half of them are actually used in the pattern) and added rows to make the squares 18 inches.  No circles to be seen, but I'm ok with that at this point :)

A block I can live with :)   Well, 9 of them actually.

 Now I need some help.  My thought is to trim the middle block in the brown.  I have enough of the brown left, then add a brown border all around the outside.  I have it on my design wall and I'm thinking maybe a white border around the center might be better.  I don't really want to purchase the white, but I'm thinking that's got more to do with how frustrating this project has been... be honest, what do you think?  White or brown...
Center square

Most of the quilt (the top is folded down for size purposes ;)  Also, obviously the blue strip (binding) will be much narrower.

 Not exactly what it will look like finished, it's only pinned up.  The seams will hopefully match up ;)
The backing will be done in the brown/blue/white circle looking fabric.  Left to right, binding/border/backing.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Finish :)

I actually finished the Blue Bed Runner yesterday.  This was an easy one, the blocks all came together nicely and no 'huh? I wonder why that happened???' moments.  The quilting went smoothly, if a little off (as in not straight) and I wasn't careful when sandwiching so the backing is slightly off kilter.  No pictures of the that ;)   But it's done, it's blue and it looks nice in it's 'made for' home.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Not much posting, but still lots of time in the 'fun' room :)  Here are some of my WIPs, one of which is only binding away from being finished :)

The blue bed runner is all quilted, as of 10 minutes ago.  Just the binding to cut, iron and apply.

Mostly straight line with a decorative one.  Love the walking foot :)

The blue cows runner is up next for quilting, the backing and binding are ready.

I'm making steady progress on 'Kate's Turnover', still struggling to keep the many many many pieces in order and right way round while piecing.  Block #3 only had one 'rip out'.  A big improvement over the first two :)

And finally, some cutting on the Christmas table runner/placemats.  Block #1 of Vice Versa is ready to sew (actually, two blocks).

No link ups, I still haven't sorted out how to do that :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blue Bed Runner

A trip to Wal Mart a couple of weeks ago with my sister resulted in some lovely blue fabrics and no pattern.  LOL  She went thru my quilting magazines and decided on a pinwheel pattern, which I tweaked a bit to design a bed runner for her.  I sewed a 'trial' strip first, to see how the pattern went together.

All the pieces are cut and the pinwheels are all sewn.

My sewing corner :)  6 am isn't the best time to take pictures.

October Mystery Quilt

A couple of days before crossing the pond I hit the 'send to cart' button on the Craftsy October Mystery Quilt.  Two days after arriving home I received the Craftsy squishy parcel.  It is so nice to get squishy parcels full of fabric :)  I was hesitant about taking part in a workshop without first seeing the pattern, but the fabric colors were just too tempting.

I was really good about not opening the bundle before the pattern arrived on Oct 1.  Which wasn't really that difficult because I was busy setting up my sewing room, purchasing things I needed and didn't/couldn't bring back to Canada with me.  Not to mention settling back into life on this side of the pond. :)

The pattern arrived in my email on October 1 and I cringed.  Had I seen the pattern first I'm pretty sure I would have given this one a miss.  All those pieces... all that cutting... all those seams... yikes!

The fabrics are beautiful and the finished quilt will be too.  I'm sure of it.  So onward I go making Miss Kate's Turnover, for my Katie girl :)  I'm almost certain I'll get 'er done.

Ironed and starched all those wonderful Fat Quarter prints, 1/2 yard binding, 2 yards of white and 2 yards of border fabric and then hit the cutting board.  Not for the faint of heart!  There are a lot of 3" squares, 4 inch squares (for making the half square triangle units) rectangles, and half rectangle units in Miss Kate's Turnover!  But, I'm mostly done and ready to start sewing...

My reminder of how lovely the fabrics are and inspiration to finish :)