Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's been awhile since I've blogged... not much sewing has been happening and the 10 days since arriving back in Canada has been hectic.  I managed to pick up a little sewing machine, which I'm not liking but it will do for now.  I really should have been more patient :)

Yesterday I finished the Bearcats quilt.  Just straight  lines, well sort of straight lines.  I'm still no where near confident enough to FMQ a quilt, even a small one.  Maybe one day, but that's doubtful ;)  I got the top, back (bottom?) and binding done in England so all that was left was the sandwiching and quilting and putting the binding on.  It turned out good, a little small but should work for keeping Lee-Ellen warm while sitting at the ball field.  Next year, because Bearcat season is over for 2014.

Max checking it out :)


  1. The quilting looks great! And when the lines aren't quite straight, we call that organic quilting! :)

  2. Your quilt is great. Love the colours. Welcome back.

  3. I love organic quilting! That's going to be my specialty ;)

    Thanks Anja, it's nice to be back on this side of the Pond. For a few months anyway, then I'll be wanting to switch sides again :)


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