Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trifle Dish

I was lazy in the posting department for July, still doing a lot of sewing, just not really working on a project.  This past week I've been working on a Moda Bake Shop QAL, late as per normal for me so I've been quilting along with myself :)   This one is called 'Trifle Dish' and has 8 layers.  I've worked through 7 of them, messing up several times along the way, mostly not following the directions close enough and skimping on the trimming bit.  I've had to tweak each layer by either dropping a block or two or adding a strip here and there, but it's scrappy enough that I don't think the end results are too awful.  Don't look too closely at some of my blocks, especially the Cherry Spools... yikes, some goofs just don't get seen until I'm too far into building the layer.

Cherry Spools


Orange Peels





Only one more layer to go :)


  1. Looking good... and I wouldn't worry too much about the goofs. They happen when you're first getting into this whole quilting business. Even now, I struggle to keep blocks "the right size" with a perfect ¼ inch seam allowance. As an aside, you seem to have been turned into a no-reply blogger... according to your last comment on my blog!


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