Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I finished the backing for the Bearcats quilt.  The letters are approximately 7" by 4" made with 2" squares and HSTs then stripped together with a 3" strip.  My plan is for them to be centered on the back.  Not sure how I'll quilt it yet... I had thought I'd quilt around the letters, but then the words would be backwards on the front so I guess it will be a front to back straight line job, probably following the lay of the herring bone design.  It shouldn't make much difference to the lettering in the back, I think they are big enough to stand out against the black no matter how I quilt over them.  I'll do the binding in strips of the various reds.

Fun project... I'm almost tempted to quilt it and worry about getting it home when the time comes, even if I have to carry it on board :)   I could always wear it like a cape ;)  The clothesline picture looks a little washed out, thanks to the beautiful sunshine :)  The black is much darker, as you can see in the CAT picture.

Go Bearcats


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  1. Looks great! Your letters are super precise! You are going to have quite a pile of quilt tops to bring (or wear) home!


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