Thursday, July 17, 2014

Circle Owls

Got caught up reading blogs and remembered I'd been neglecting my own.  Haven't sewn much over the past couple of weeks, with 'stuff' going on there just hasn't been the time or desire.  Yesterday I pulled out some Owl Fabrics and visited my Pinterest Album for the link to Stichery Dickory Dock for the instructions to the circle play mat  I've been wanting to try.  I got  the 40 fabric and twenty batting circles cut out (I think more would be better, but I used up all the Owl Fat Quarters I had), sewn together and flipped right side out (I did that while watching an afternoon movie).  Then came sewing the rows together.  You would think that would go quickly.  Wrong!  The rows are supposed to be sewn together and then the 'flaps' sewn down in a cathedral window style, but I was having lots of problems getting the corner joints sewn without a hard bump, not really great for a child's play mat. I became best buddies with my seam ripper, until I'd  had enough and  the twenty 8 1/2" sandwiched circles found their way to the shelf.  At least they didn't fly out the window, though I think they would have decorated the apple tree quite nicely.
Laid out on the Spare bed (minus one row which was at the machine).

Sewing the circles into rows was no problem... it was sewing the rows together tha gave me fits.


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  1. Looking good... but then again, I'm a sucker for owls! Cathedral window-style things can be tricky!


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