Friday, June 6, 2014

Red Car Quilt Update

I'm loving the 12 inch blocks!  They are coming together nicely with the only downside being my fabric is quickly disappearing... well, that's not really a downside, as it means the quilt might actually get finished :)

The first two were the 'cut and slash'  Astrix and Wonky Pound Sign (I posted  them earlier in the week).

The next two were the Balkan Puzzle, which I also posted earlier in the week and the Chunky Chevron made with half square triangles, which should be called half square triangle squares...
Chunky Chevron
 The next two are string Foundation blocks, a bit of a waste of fabric, especially on the first one, but they look great when finished.  I really like the Broken Spider Web :)
Foundation String

Broken Spider Web
 The next two are Log Cabins with a twist.  To be honest, I'm a little too straight and narrow for improv sewing so my blocks aren't as wonky as they perhaps were meant to be.  I DID manage to get one or two wider pieces in the first one, but my center square is still more or less center when it should have been quite a bit off center :)  My 5 sided Log Cabin really isn't, but I still like it lots :)
Wonky Log Cabin

5 Sided Log Cabin

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